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Awwwccupy Wall Street – today’s MUST see!

16 Dec

This is the best Tumblr ever. Awwccupy Wall Street features the #occupy movements cutest protestors. Mainly dogs but some babies & cats in there too. If you are going to waste your time on one website today it needs to be this one. The fact the cops, sorry police force, frisked a dog dressed as a Hells Angel (seriously) is going to make me smile for weeks to come. The ‘kiss my red setter arse’ and ‘biscuits not bombs’ are amongst my favourites too :-)

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The Election Project – stop and account (1)

12 Apr

As you may know I am working with the official election artist, photographer Simon Roberts, on The Election Project.

Along with his assistant Daniel (pictured), and the projects ‘Battle Bus’, they were pulled over and questioned today after a 0700 rendezvous with Nick Clegg. Issued with a ‘stop and account’ by the Met they were soon sent on their merry way.

I find Daniel’s body language in this shot particularly amusing!

Apocalypse Now policing

31 Mar

Gwent Police PSA

27 Aug

There is no softy softly approach with this PSA from Gwent police on the dangers of texting whist driving. Very very good.


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