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Spot The Bull cake

11 Dec

You’ve already seen the Skype cakes so now time for my favourite cake of all from the Poke 10 project – Spot the Bull, inspired by the website of the same name. All baking from Nevie-Pie who says I wasn’t “too bossy”.



An entire table was covered in cake with grid letters placed around the edge, much as you would expect from a spot the ball page in a newspaper (delicious rum soaked chocolate cake with crushed oreo cookie dirt and green iced grass). Three toy bulls were hidden in the cake with the lucky party goers getting a bull in their slice winning one of three prizes (bull horns, fake flies or cow pat chocolates).



On top of the amazing cake were some incredibly realistic cookie mushrooms (with popping candy hidden inside), a cow pat (my idea) and a very cute rabbit cookie (Natasha’s idea). When NP wasn’t looking I then also added some fake flies to the cowpat cookie and mushroom. Finally the cake was cut into grids so the square of cake to be eaten could be chosen specifically, and guests did not have to eat the next slice in so to speak.


picture credit The Flippers - http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers



picture credit The Flippers - http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers


NOOOOOOOOO!!! (picture credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/onhollieday)



Picture credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/onhollieday/6481389077/in/set-72157628344133531





Skyping Cakes

8 Dec

Sneak peak of some of the other cakes from this project up on the Facebook page, and if you want to find out more about my cake projects head here.

Nevie Pie & I were very excited to be asked to work with Poke on a series of dessert tables / cakes to celebrate their 10th birthday, each of which had to relate to a website they had built over the last 10 years. On a personal level few things have made me as happy this year that this awesome company trusted my creativity skills for their 10th Birthday (yes Nevie Pie also made the cake below).



I am going to post all of these cakes and dessert tables over the next week, but thought I should start with the one that appears to be everyone’s favorite so far… …the TWO Skype cakes.

Set at either end of the room, each on it’s own desk, they were of course ‘Skyping each’ other live. Well it’s Poke’s party so their had to be some extra added ‘geek’ in the baking. Stunning work from Nevie Pie on the actual cake creation as ALWAYS.


Pic via The Flippers - thanks boys http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers



Pic via The Flippers - thanks boys http://www.flickr.com/photos/flippers




via @hollypop88


Picture via @unlikelylad



Up next Spot The Bull…

Brilliant Design Lecture – sketch notes

11 Nov Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz012

Spoke at the Brilliant Design Lecture today – it was really fun and yes of course ‘THE’ cake got gasps of horror! I just saw on Twitter that @evalottchen had posted their sketch notes on Flickr; I LOVE them best if all am allowed to share (I checked of course). Fellow talkers Sam Bompas and Tim Hunkin were really interesting / funny, and it was great to be considered creative enough to be able to speak alongside them. Claire & Joe did an amazing job organizing it and my hat goes off to them!

Internet Week update done, Mick Rock private view “rocked”, have nailed secret music / art project today, think it is time for bed with the cats! I am feeling lonely tonight so they can come into he bedroom on a one night only amnesty…





The ‘brilliance’ of a flamingo on Ritalin

8 Nov 4540759144_dbd8d9f4b2

The Brilliant Design Lecture celebrates the magic of creativity – I somehow agreed to take part in this (anything for Claire Graves) so am now flapping about “like a flamingo on Ritalin” wondering what to talk about. I am sure I will get there though as the sight of the Jellymonger’s bow ties is always calming and they are also speaking… This is the crack (which I must have been on when I said yes as feel massively out of my depth but am sure it will be be ‘alright on the night’):

The Brilliant Design Lecture is not about showreels, it’s an inside look into the process of how excellent things are made. Speakers from a range of creative disciplines share stories, insights and practical tips. The format is simple, fun and fast paced with compere Johanna Agerman Ross – Deputy Editor of Icon magazine, Writer and Lecturer:

ROUND 1: I Made This (at this moment in time I will be speaking about the Chaos cookie installation)
Our speakers introduce themselves through their work, telling us about one of their favourite projects and what they learnt along the way.

ROUND 2: This Inspired Me (Piers Aktinson’s ‘Sex on the Brain’ collection)
In the second round the speakers tell us about a project that made them smile. The inspiration they drew and how they applied it to their work.

ROUND 3: New to Me (fuck knows)
To wrap up the speakers tell us about a project that stretched them. The skills they learnt and why trying something different is important.

Speaking at the event are (ahem) me and:
Troika – London art and design practice
Tim Hunkin - Engineer and Cartoonist
The Jellymongers – (I LOVE the fact they made it onto the DVD of Harry Hill’s TV Burp with their jelly interview)

I also must remember not to drink before talking… …or maybe I should.

Poke Toilets

27 Oct

Remember my post last year about the Poke Halloween toilets – well this year they have made a video!..

Wonderous toilets

14 Mar

Working with the lovely Poke this week – can’t say more than that. I can say however that they are pretty obsessed with their toilets. Do you know I have almost missed them too – both Poke and the toilets :-)

Household designed them in a random barter of new loos for a new website. Their concept:

Each loo is personalised to reflect the mood of the user. There is a Dressing Room, Book Club, Workout (for the mind), Auditorium, Gallery and Glass house.

These much loved toilets also get the set dress treatment for events such as Halloween where people such as the Foxes are invited to weave their magic. It might be a bit (ok a lot) trashbat cock but they still rule.

Digital Design in London

15 Sep

A little while back Poke were asked by the Design Museum to create a map charting the history of digital design in London. With two weeks to get something in the can, they set to work. Taken from their website here are the details of the project in their own words;


The digital design industry is the very epitome of rapid change, so we decided to make an interactive, time-based map. This allowed us to demonstrate that speed, as well as show off the advantages of a digital approach. The creation of a map also meant we could chronicle the geographical movement across the capital, triggered by a high rate of agency mergers, acquisitions and deaths, in a visually commanding way.

We aptly named it ‘The births, marriages and deaths of London’s digital creative agencies of note 1994-2009′.

Built in Flash with an XML back end, the biggest challenge was creating a dynamic system that could a) accommodate everyone working on it simultaneously and b) take one final information dump at the end.The knob was made possible with the addition of some Arduino jiggery-pokery.

Lots of swearing and snack bribes for our developer later, and we had a rapid-fire, boom-bust-boom extravaganza showcasing the breakneck pace of change in the last 15 years.

We ummed and aahed over whether or not to include the explosions. But upon reflection, while acknowledging the gravity of the events we were plotting, this is undoubtedly an industry with a sense of humour and we wanted to inject some fun into the project.

Course, the Little Black Book took a massive hammering as we contacted countless folk to gather information. It was a gargantuan industry-wide effort and we can’t thank you all enough.


Now, do enjoy the video of our map below, in all its interactive glory.

Poke’s Manchester United

8 Jul

Poke has designed a new website for Manchester City FC, as the football club seeks to reinvent itself as a “media and entertainment brand”. I am super keen on this site, a review of which has been posted on the Creative Review blog (praise indeed). It is beautifully designed, easy to navigate and, dare I say it, looks really interesting (and I hate football). On this vein, I have been informed by ‘boys’ that this is the best football site out there.

An interesting angle is that Endemol will also be providing the online coverage for the Poke created site.



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