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A free pizza with that vasectomy?

19 Mar

This is GENIUS PR – but I doubt the concept was conceived with global fame in mind!

Pizza Sleeping Bag

22 Nov

No words needed - but if you desire them head here.


Pizza Shoes

10 Nov

via Kitschy Living - I am sure these bad boys have already found their way into deepest darkest Shoreditch








Angry Birds inspired food

5 May

OK so the playable Angry Birds cake was cool but the pizza is amazing. In fact I have managed to stumble upon a whole range of Angry Birds inspired food with a little help from Babble as a good starting point. Geeks let the feast begin!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pizza Pops

13 Nov Pizza-on-a-Stick

Today I am mainly obsessed by pizza pops!


Bea Arthur’s Mountain Pizza

15 Mar

Remember the Selleck’s Waterfall Sandwich? Fret not there is now Bea Arthur’s Mountain Pizza – absolute proof that some people do have too much time on their hands, and we thank them for it! There is no definitive proof they are linked but… of course they are (via Lost at E Minor).

Pizza tattoos

16 Dec

Awesome collection of realistic pizza tattoos over at Yummy Tattoos (as in awesome on other people):


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