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Oh My!

12 May

Piers Atkinson has done it again with his a/w 12 collection entitled ‘Oh My!’ – oh my indeed I adore it all. Top picks below including one of the men’s pieces (anyone for a crystal beard).

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Piers Atkinson’s glittering aubergine

6 May

As you may remember I LOVE PIERS ATKINSON – and love him even more after he kindly loaned me the cum veil / cherry pieces for the EYHO shop opening last year (see above although that picture puzzles me as it looks sod all like me). I was very excited to see his A/W11 range – of course the glittering aubergine (is it me or does that sound rude) is rocking my world!

Wearing body fluids

19 Nov

Belgium  fashion designer, Sancho Hemelsoen, has done an incredible collection which shows us that even bodily fluids can become fashionable. I could not agree more and – and have been saying this for ages too I would like to add ;-)

Whatever you think of this collection you’ll remember it, and it will evoke a reaction in you, which of course is what it is all about surely? Expect to see it on Lady Gaga any day now (via Street Anatomy).





As awesome as these are I have to say they do remind me of Piers Atkinson and his ‘Sex On The Brain Collection’ who as you know I ADORE – especially after he lent my one of the cum veils for EYHO (Jane Doe latex top) as shown below! Granted I look like a witch but that’s the look I was going for OK…



copyright nathan pask





Action man cake

23 Oct

How could I not post this collaboration between hat maker Piers Atkinson & Molly Bakes… (Piers had a voodoo Action Man hat in his AW/10 collection which was the inspiration for this cake)


Molly Bakes for Piers Atkinson



Dalston inspired millinery

21 Oct

The new SS11 collection from Piers Atkinson (who ROCKS my World), La Belle Au Bois, is just amazing – it’s like the best bits of summer rolled into one amazing millinery collection. I wager it will be impossible to wear any of this collection and not be springing about with the joys of the summer like Tigger.









Witty & wearable

18 Oct

As you already know I adore the work of Piers Atkinson (this link takes to my previous post on his Sex on the Brain collection), and am bursting with excitement that I can wear one of his creations for the EYHO & PP shenanigans next week. This frankly awesome news got me hunting through his website (for the millionth time) where I was reminded just why his work captured my imagination from the very first time I saw it. Items from The Frog & The Princess (AW09) collection shown below really summarise why he nails it for me as my favourite milliner – playful, funny and some even slightly ridiculous all of them are very wearable and destined to make anyone feel rather naughty indeed. I can’t wait!

Cherry ball gags…

28 Jun

UPDATE: OMG I had forgotten about posting this ages ago – is there a more perfect accessory to the Cakehead photoshoot than a cherry ball gag. Hell no, this is amazing!!!

Have totally fallen for the SS10 collection from Piers Atkinson entitled Sex On The Brain – the ‘pearl’ splashed balaclava and veil are a particular unique touch, and OF COURSE the cherry ball gag (above) is particularly awesome!!!

Look 24 is really funny too – clearly channeling spunk-tivitis (come on we all know what I mean)!!! At this point might also be worth mentioning that Piers Atkinson also has a diffusion range at Topshop – but to be honest no way near as screwed up = no way near as good!


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