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Anne Fishbein food photography

23 Dec

WOW is all I can say about these 2011 top picks of Anne Fishbein’s food photography over at LA Weekly.

Maize cake Gambas at Playa

Marinated raw crab (gaejang gahane) at Soba

Chile relleno, Selle d'agneau aux chiles piquins at Rivera

Spaghetti with sardines; tomato-braised octopus with chick pea

Dehydrated Meyer lemon slices at Red Medicine

Grilled corvina at Olympic Cheonggukjang

Philippe Jarrigeon

17 Dec

A rare thing – a photographer with a completely unique style…









Picasso drawing with light

1 Dec

WOW – I can’t believe I have not seen these images before (via).

In 1949, renowned LIFE photographer Gjon Mili visited Pablo Picasso in the South of France. Using a small flashlight in a dark room, Picasso created wildly free and fluid drawings while Mili snapped away.












Carl Kleiner Food Sculptures

20 Nov

Carl Kleiner demonstrates exactly why you should play with your food (via Juxtapoz).










Animal Eyes

14 Oct

Portraits of animals eyes to freak you out on a Friday afternoon from Suren Manvelyan Photography via Nerdcore.












Getting sued for blogging!

3 Oct

UPDATE: In only a few hours tonight I have discovered over 20 female bloggers who have all been targetted in the same way by this man. Many of their experiences are online and linked to from the comment section. With group knowledge I discover this guy is a lot worse than I had had ever imagined – it really upsets me to see how his copyright trolling has effected many others to the extent some closed their site and never blogged again!  Collectively we’re launching a site tomorrow to help others online he may target / be in contact with by sharing experiences and offering advice. Strength in numbers. The site will also offer best practise advise for blogging / credits etc… 

I have been writing this blog for four years now, and whilst I am not always perfect in my writing and accreditation (& especially my spelling) I try my best. Therefore I was shocked (& yes upset) to recive a letter from German photographer Stefan Richter today, informing me a blog post I wrote on Walter Potter a few years ago now is costing me £1500, and I have 2 weeks to pay or I have to go to court and pay his legal costs. A bit heavy handed to say the least considering I make no money from this blog and do it simply for a love of creativity.

To make it worse this is from a photographer NOT the artist whose work I featured – yes someone who commercially benefits from taking pictures of another (sadly deceased) artists work such as Walter Potter. I totally respect the work of photographers, and their copyright, but in this case feel that fact makes him more of a dick and am FURIOUS. It also means Walter Potter’s estate will also miss out all online traction for his work if this is happening to all bloggers.

Never one to take things lying down (leave it) I have scanned in the various correspondence I got through the post today below for everyone to review; I think this ridiculous man’s over aggressive behaviour could serve a purpose by stimulating an interesting debate on this topic so let’s go for it eh?! As he clearly feels in the right I am sure he will make no objection to me posting them. I might hasten to add when I found these images on another site (I wont grass them up) where there was no photographer reference. Needless to say I don’t feel his behaviour is right – a short email (my details are on the blog for this exact reason) would have been suffice.

Hit the comments PLEASE people (feel free to share / RT)!!! I am really interested to see what everyone feels this means for the future of blogging… Luckily I am old enough & ugly enough to let it wash over me but I can imagine this would really upset some people and they would become too scared to blog which can not be allowed to happen :-(

That said, only I could get sued over some taxidermy kittens dressed up to go to a wedding.

The postcards he sent - don't blog them he'll charge you!!!

PS: I also love the idea of a Twitter follower (thanks Iain) to use Kickstarter to raise money for a creative “countersuit for a dick” project?

Photographs of Ectoplasm

8 Sep

Chocolate technology

31 Aug

These choctastic photographs created using a very old technique more commonly used in the confection of chocolate-coat cakes; objects were deep frozen then sprayed with hot melted chocolate using an airbrush. The combination of distinguishable classic technology designs, and a smooth chocolate finish, is such a winner. Now I’d LOVE to see if you could create the ultimate christmas chocolate tree like this too (makes mental note to mention to Sam Bompas for some playtime), read more here.


Fetishy & Beautiful

23 Aug

I’ve been meaning to post about the photography of Karen Hsiao for a while as it’s both fetishy and beautiful. I find the Blood Letting series particularly stunning, the artists statement for which is included below (the images are NOT from this series but more of a taster for her wider portfolio).

Karen Hsiao’s  “Bloodletting” is a series of portraits dealing heavily with the human psyche and our perception of reality. Hsiao’s work has been described as ambiguous, dark, and unsettling. Influenced by her background and training as a painter, she uses a style of lighting based on the principals of Caravaggio’s chiaroscuro, creating a sense of drama and tension between the viewer and the subject. In each portrait, the subject bleeds from a part of his or her body. This “bloodletting” is meant to be a subtle reminder of our own mortality and vulnerability. At the heart of Hsiao’s photography is the issue of self-image; how we perceive ourselves and one another, our vanity, our obsessions, our self-loathing, and our delusions. These portraits are intentionally ambiguous, leaving it up to the viewer to decide what is real and what is fantasy.

Naked Girls With Masks (borderline NSFW)

7 Jun

Naked girls with masks photography from UK photographer Ben Hopper (via The Trendy Girl)










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