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Racist Cakes – A Slice of Moral Outrage

21 Apr

This fiasco around this cake last week made me so cross and not for the reasons you expect. It was the moral panic that followed news of the cake, combined with millions of people jumping on the bandwagon, that made steam come from my ears. It would appear that 90% of the population, and all of the media (except the Guardian who made some excellent comments), find the practise it is campaigning against more acceptable than the cake. Morons. What a wasted opportunity… the video has clocked up over 2 million views in less than a week.

That said there has been some interesting interest discussion around this cake such as over at Jeremy Riad’s blog where I was asked to comment – the whole article well worth a read.

Bread Casts

22 Oct

Artist Sharon Baker has created these anatomically correct bread body parts with brilliantly messed up results, from a series called ‘Bread Casts’…

Then there was also “Eat Me” for the Thames Festival in 2006 – an art performance with bread

A performance for which I have cast my body in bread and invite the audience to eat it with me. The body is cut, or sometimes bitten off and shared amongst the audience. Eating it initiates a natural cycle – their bodies transform mine and symbolically reunite me with the environment. The Thames Festival audience responded with unbounded enthusiasm making it a combination of a 60’s happening, a public execution and a feeding frenzy.




Breathing with skeletons

30 Jul

Marina Abramović is named the “grandmother of performance art” for a very very good reason – woman after my own heart!

Reliant art

1 Mar

Ansuman Biswas starts this art project tomorrow morning – for reasons that will become clear it is pretty essential people get behind it…

Entitled “Present”, tomorrow Biswas will enter an empty gallery with nothing and remain within it continuously for one week. He will have no food, no water, no clothing it will be just his body in the space. During the week anyone is welcome to come and give the artist anything they think he might want or need. He will survive only on what is given to him and is completely reliant on this, if no one turns up he will starve.

As part of the wider “Louder than Bombs” season at the Stanley Picker gallery Biswas will examine our assumptions about consumption and expenditure, the nature of what it is to give and a chance to discover the real nature of our relationships with one another.

Last year the performance artist Ansuman Biswas became the Manchester Hermit where he lived in Manchester Museum for 40 days and 40 nights.


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