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Screw Art

23 Apr

I could not more be wishing that one of the Stay Puft clients was a homewares / DIY based client than I am right now.

Artist Andrew Myers has to be the most patient person in the world – producing portraits with thousands of screws (we’re talking 10,000+) resulting in the creation of some awesome 3D images. Now I am very impatient. Very very impatient. The kind of person who will use a shoe to ‘hammer’ a nail in if I can’t find a hammer. So impatient in fact I just want to post images of his work now but you can head here to read more.

Body painted Christmas jumper

27 Dec

No Christmas jumper :-( Have it body painted on instead by these guys…


Watercolour porn – NSFW

13 Nov keith_p_rein_nsfw_3

Well these soft core watercolours are certainly different… They are from Keith P. Rein (the P is for Penis) who uses left over bits of wood (leave it) as his canvas. His reasoning for creating this porn is that it helps him escape from his normal day job and the more mundane design it entails – and why the hell not (source)!


Paint hands

13 Sep

Not sure why but I LOVE this picture :-)

stenSOUL cake

19 Jul

stenSOUL has sent me  his design for a cake to be featured at the The Mad Artist Tea Party – it’s looooooking so good & we can’t wait until it’s time to make this bad boy. We are also going to spray on the ‘eye’ and artist tag using a stencil and food coloring in a spray can – as you should with any authentic street art style cake of course (I also have to say Peat ROCKS my world he has been so helpful)!

Before you all go noooooooooo and cover your eyes and ears I promise that there is no need for a spoiler alert here. Whilst I am going to post a fair few crumbs about The Mad Artist Tea Party in the next six weeks, rest assured that there will still be plenty of BIG surprises at the show itself… …and this cake may not be all it seems?!

Sexy spray paint

8 Jan

These are the worst spray paint cans I have ever seen – I mean for fucks sake!


Colour dial aeresol paint

3 Jan

This reminds me of those colouring crayons you had as a child which you swap around to change colour. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award (via Notcot):

The refillable Color Dial Spray is a novel design for a spray can that contains four colour cartridges (CMYK) in the one can. Two dials (for hue and brightness) help the painter achieve the exact colour required.

Wode Paint – Revolutionary art fragrance

24 Oct

I want to try this sooooooooo much…


Wode Paint is a “Revolutionary Art Fragrance” that creates a cobalt blue mist before disappearing leaving a sensual scent. It is well worth clicking through for their website film alone.


When Wode is sprayed, a vibrant blue cobalt mist appears and settles on the skin or clothing. The paint fades and disappears within seconds leaving a sensual scent behind. Inspired by the legend that Queen Boudicca wore cobalt blue war paint to create a ferocious and mythical look in battle, Wode is a revolutionary Art Fragrance.

Acknowledging that graffiti is the modern war paint and the most public of all art forms, Wode is packaged in a classic spray paint can. Wrapped around the can is an engraved steel label tied with black braided ribbon that’s tipped in metal; further displaying the Boudicca team’s dedication to detail.


Who loves Hirst

16 Oct


Not a massively great reaction to the new Hirst pieces:

Someone – who I am not sure if I am allowed to name yet (but who likes bus stops) – says:

“At its worst, Hirst’s drawing just looks amateurish and adolescent.”

The agreeable Rachel Campbell-Johnston says:

“Think Francis Bacon meets Adrian Mole.”

Tom Lubbock says of the paintings:
“They’re extremely boring. Hirst, as a painter, is at about the level of a not-very-promising, first-year art student.”

And Miss Cakehead says on a slightly related topic:

Women in a County Durham village are painting plates with their breasts to raise money for charity.

Pixelated art

25 Sep

I really like this pixelated art. It is an extension to the now fairly old idea of using paint samples for free, yet awesome, interior decorating. Read more over at Craftzine – pictures below.



00081_19_rect640, paint


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