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Pete Fowler – Professor Owl

27 Mar

First in a series of works of ‘The Owler’ family, created by Pete Fowler on his trusty iPad.

OK so I am not talking about Pete Fowler being an owl professor but his new print of this rather academic, tweed wearing owl. I love this chap and if you share similar thoughts buy him here.

The professor giclee print (high quality archive quality, fade resistant) printed on Hahnemule paper 31cm x 41cm. Signed and numbered by Pete. This image has come from Pete’s recent painting using the ipad.
This print has an initial run of 30 which will be numbered on the print in pencil by Pete.


Owl print flip flops

5 Jan

I MUST have the owl ones but sadly can’t find out any more information about them as they are from Japan:




Owl Cushion

7 Nov

Owl Imprint

11 Jul

OMG – an owl flew into a window and let this perfect imprint…


Hoot Hoot I Scream

31 May

Amazing owl action over at A Harem Of Peacocks (via @lilyvanillicake) – I can’t believe this was demolished!!!



Children enjoying ice cream at the Hoot Hoot I Scream hut in Los Angeles, CA – c. 1930s

The head rotated; the eyes, made from Buick headlamps, blinked; the sign: Hoot hoot, I scream, used elements of a theater marquee. For over 50 years, Tillie Hattrup ran this L.A.-area refreshment spot designed and built by her husband, Roy in 1926-27. It was demolished in 1979.

Doctor Hoo

23 May

Puns, owl & Dr Who bring it on!

Travel by Owl & Smile

18 Jan

How cute is this short animation by Pete Fowler for Smile London – a great project that is basically a series of video messages to cheer up the London Underground. I wish I could travel by owl and smile everyday rather than put up with the bullshit TFL deliver!

Rescue Owl Nightlight

20 Jun

Astonishingly cool donation for the  Banjo Playing Owl Rescue Society – Thanks to @mrotter for Woo Too!

The Owl and the LARGE Pussycat

17 Jun

I don’t need to say anything – just check out the lions indifference when this poor little chap fell from his nest:

Rescue Owl – Lambert

3 Jun

Another owl sent to The Society For The Protection of Banjo Playing Owls for rehabilitation – this chap is call Lambert. If you sent him to us please can you contact us with your details? We LOVE the elderly candle holder, and especially the TLC that has gone into the name plaque. THANK YOU – many appreciative hoots etc.


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