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New 50p coin explains the offside rule

5 Jan

Bloody love this new 50p coin although I still don’t understand the offside rule!

BA’s British Talent

9 May

I am more excited about this than I thought I would be but the video is brilliantly made (starts wondering if I can get the v cakes through);

Heston Blumenthal, Richard E Grant and Tracey Emin (love them all) are searching for the best in British talent, to deliver a series of career defining opportunities as part of British Airways’ commitment to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as official airline partner.

Hipster Bingo!

17 Apr

If anyone knows where this originated from please let me know! I’d like to add a few things to this list – an ill fitted baggy jumper, a bike that is too small for you, a pipe (men & women have been seen with these), the largest pair of headphones you can find and at least one ironic accessory… and horror of horrors wearing Havanna flip flops even when raining!

Hipster Olympics

24 Aug

I LOVE this – spot on observation, especially growing ironic facial hair. BRILLIANT!


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