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BP Halloween

30 Sep

I remember a few years ago there were literally herds of people pissing about at Halloween dressed as Heath Ledger’s joker – this year I am pretty confident it will be this BP oil splattered jump suit. Dead fish & wrench not included:

Thanks BP!

19 Jul

Forget saying it with flowers you can now ‘thank’ BP via cake (be it one really badly decorated)!

Oil covered pelican cakes

3 Jul

Great threadcake here, replicating a t-shirt design from Threadless, sold to benefit all effected by the BP Oil Spill. Amazing work from Aubrey Meusel.

Black Oil Firefox Plugin

11 Jun

LOVE these geeks so much! The team at JESS3 have created a Black Oil Firefox Plugin, which coats BP’s online presence with a thick heaping of black, goey gobb –  much how BP have coated our oceans and with oil.

We made this plugin turn any image tagged with BP to black and white, and then under the photo, it has oil drips. If you go to any official BP site, like their Twitter, it turns everything black and the text is a dark grey. Also, any text that says oil will have underline drips.

[Download the Plugin here]

BP in your home?

3 Jun

So let’s get cracking on bloggers against BP then – if only they invest the same amount of money in protecting the environment than they do in finding oil in the first place. LOVING online / geek pressure in ensuring that this is global awareness about this disaster. If It Was My Home certainly hits ‘home’, and shows the impact of the spill in geographical terms you would understand. I used London (my home) for this map below.

Crude Oil Perfume

20 Apr

Crude is a limited edition parfum, 50ml of crude oil is exquisitely packaged and branded. Both art piece and luxury item, Crude foretells a potential future for one of the 20th century’s most influential raw materials. $285 from Citizen.



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