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Anatomical Neck Tattoo

28 Jan

Lush neck anatomy tattoo taken from Atlas of Anatomy by Jean Baptiste Marc Bourgery posted over at Street Anatomy.

Bennett Barch got this tattoo after spending years in medical school and residency, “I decided to get the tattoo as a symbol of the effort I put into my career.” I think I like the line version as much as the color. Well done!
The tattoo was done by Chicago-based tattoo artist, Scott Fricke.

Crooked giraffe

27 Nov

I know it makes me a bad person to find this poor old lady’s major crook in the neck funny – but I do.

Since undergoing treatment from Tulsa Zoo’s resident vet Dr Kay Backues, Amali has been kept in medical quarantine since her arrival on October 18.

Luckily, the 11-foot tall female giraffe is not thought to be in any pain and staff at Tulsa Zoo are hoping the crick corrects itself naturally.

‘When Amali the giraffe walked off the trailer into her new home she could walk, eat and manoeuvre normally,’ said Dr. Backues.

‘Amali was initially treated for muscle fatigue and possible soft tissue trauma.

‘We are using medications a human might use if they strained their neck or back, such as non-steroidal ant-inflammatories similar to ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, pain relievers (analgesics) and a vitamin supplement.

Sticky Sweetie

27 Apr

You Tube sensation Sticky Sweetie has millions of views online, and is one of the most random videos I have ever seen. It caters specifically to men who  get their rocks off watching women standing on ‘Sticky Sweeties’.

It comes as no great shock the narrative is also very strange and I quote;

My fave summer sandals got stuck in my marshmallow fluff laundry room floor again? And now my feet….wah! Oh no! How did my bathtub get filled with bubblegum? And now poor defenseless twenty-something high-heeled schoolgirl me is stuck! Boo!

On a fetish investigation vibe I also discovered this DVD for those with a fetish for watching women tread on train sets


And for a hat trick feast your eyes on this neck brace fetish site.



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