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Barbie is a serial killed bondage bitch

8 Feb

Disturbing series of photographs, which show Barbie as a serial killed bondage bitch, from Canon 5D photographer Mariel Clayton. The series of over 30 images includes Barbie smoking, playing around with a dildo and torturing poor Ken!


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Murder Map

13 Sep

Am OBSESSED with Murder Map – though could do without the M right on my house!!! I found the entries with images really really sad – this is actually a very powerful piece of online communication.

The map indicates the locations where the murders took place in London. You can filter the cases by clicking on the murder weapons below. If you click on the pins on the map you will be able to view the victim’s profile and a link to the case page.

The Murder Map project aims to create the first ever comprehensive picture of homicide in the modern city

On its completion, our online database will contain details of every murder and manslaughter committed in London from the crimes of Jack the Ripper to the present day.

It is based on our unique archive of homicide cases – the product of thousands of hours spent by skilled and dedicated crime reporters in the courtrooms of the Old Bailey.

By making it freely available to everyone in a single place, we hope to provide greater insight into this most destructive of human acts.

Free from Government bureaucracy or political agendas, the site goes beyond bare statistics to provide the stories behind crime figures.

Murder Map is an ever evolving project, whose scope stretches into the future as well as the past, and the database will constantly be updated with new cases, so the picture it creates is as complete as possible.

What truths this picture will reveal, or what conclusions can be drawn from it, is up to the users of the site.

Murder Map is intended to be a forum for ideas about criminal justice and social policy as well as a valuable resource for anyone interested in tackling the dangers faced by Londoners today.

Perhaps one of the most instructive facts thrown up by the collation of so many homicide cases is the number of times juries and courts draw back from designating them as murders.

In reality, Murder Map is more than simply a murder map as it encompasses a large number of homicides which for various reasons are sentenced under the category ‘manslaughter’.

Murder She Tote

11 Apr

The world does not need another tote bag line—unless it’s named after an Angela Lansbury series. Bring on Murder She Tote.



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