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Metalheads: Beware the rise again of Metal

1 Apr

MTV may have you believing that the world of music is all sugar-coated Nicky Minaj trash or a manufactured Lady Gaga track that is nothing more than an ad, creatively driven by esoteric symbolism and vaguely disguised as a music video. But the truth is that music subcultures still thrive outside of the corporate TV industrial complex.

One such subculture is metal. And the popularity of it has never been stronger. Driven by the fans, for a while now we’ve predicted that metal is long overdue a mainstream revival. One day. we’ll be right.

(via Cherry Flava)

Vegan Black Metal Chef: Tempura Asparagus Sushi

30 Aug

Oh these are getting better and better!

This is a complete walkthrough on how to make vegan tempura asparagus sushi…as well as how to make other types of vegan sushi.

Not too much else to say besides, enjoy, thanks for the support and make this shit. Its REally REally Really fucking good. This will make serious quality sushi. I am big on taste more than appearance so if you want to learn a bunch of other fancy ways to roll sushi…im sure there are plenty of tutorials out there.

Metal Cupcakes \m/

12 Jun

Metal Cakes is an amazing cupcake blog featuring recipes inspired by “all things brutal” – I can’t encourage you to visit the site enough and below are some of my top picks.

Watain: Sworn to the Cake

Black Breath: Raspberries to Oblivion

Pentagram: Live Free and Bake

Wee Cakes of the Snowgoat

Vader: Lord of Dessert

Bathory: Baptized in Fire and Frosting

Vegan Black Metal Chef – Episode 2

10 Jun

Vegan Black Metal Chef – Pad Thai

11 May

OMG I love this so much & was properly giggling all the way through – no surprise really as whilst I am not a metal fan as such I gave my lovely friend Dan two metal cook books for Christmas from Amazon (see below) and have been plotting a heavy metal BBQ with The Jellymongers for a few months now…  There is something ridiculous about pairing metal music with food that makes it work gloriously!

Fucking with airport scanners

11 Jan

I could not care less about full body scanners at airports. I am terrified of flying so by that point I am doped up to my eyeballs…

BUT this great 4th Amendment t-shirts I found over at Lost At E Minor have made me care.  I can think of much more amusing text options though…. That said of all the people to fuck with airport security should wisely be at the very bottom of the list!





Beautiful Bondage – VD Repost

12 Feb

These Ilya bondage pieces, available from Coco De Mer, are beautiful. I like to say that just because something is beautiful is doesn’t mean it can not hurt. Much like love. Love which tears us apart. Explains the tattoo almost – except it doesn’t.



27 Sep

I am really smitten with Pandara – the heavy metal panda from Paul Shih (via Sweet Station).




Evil Childrens Toys

1 Jun

Yeah I feel better and what better way to celebrate that with this not massively safe selection of children’s toys from Shi Jinsong









Metal School Desks – Emotional Art

20 Apr

This is simply a brilliant idea, and a great piece of emotive art. They do cock about with their description of this piece (see below) so I will cut to the chase. Using their unique metal crafting skills London firm Based Upon delivers a desk which has the character and markings of a typical British school desk complete with engravings, graffiti and chewing gum.




In Based Upon my School we are taken back to a place of childhood innocence… our first desires to own, to mark out something as ours: my peg, my locker, my desk…and because it has been transformed into something beautiful we find ourselves wanting to own it again. THIS IS MINE! But the desk is owned temporarily, one period, one term, one year, one examination. We can never own the desk. The desk is more permanent than we are. When we are gone the desk remains and is alive again in the hands of another child, who approaches it with the same territorial vigour that we did. He sees the marks left by others, but he cares not for them, these past would-be masters who failed where he will now succeed. I will own the desk! It is mine! In sympathy to all those who lost, Jimmy offers us the chance to own our very OWN desk.


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