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Men with beards eating cupcakes

28 May












World Cup Runneth Over

3 Jun

(stop complaining boys there are a LOT of half naked women on this blog already – bad haircuts on football players coming soooooon)

Style.com are after the hearts of most of the girls in the UK by covering the World Cup according to the best looking players. That said I don’t find any of these men remotely sexy what-so-ever (like NOT at all), but appreciate why others might.

Butch Bakery

25 Mar

OMG amazing tweet from Nik Roope on the ‘Butch Bakery‘ – there is nothing about this which does not rock my world. Cupcakes for men, by men. Great names too like Driller & Jack Hammer.

Their objective is simple.

We’re men. Men who like cupcakes. Not the frilly pink frosted sprinked and unicorns kind of cupcakes. We make manly cupcakes. For manly men.

Boob loving hackers

22 Sep


Loving this Absolut Hacker image I found on Geekologie. I am doing some work with AVG Scanner on a marketing campaign at the moment and had to share this video as it contains a miracle – men multi-tasking. It may be hacking into computers, and drinking shooters at the same time they are doing more than one thing at once.

I am also particularly amused with the subtitle exchange between two of the pizza loving hackers which is surely worth 90 seconds of anyone’s time;

“Jesus come and have a look at these boobs”

“OK! Shut up and look at your code”

It is not exactly a WarGames style exchange but that said the video does effectively highlight the dangers of cyber criminals – be it ones who clearly love pizza and boobs. And who doesn’t! Hackers accessing your personal data is clearly less than brilliant. You know the deal – click here to find out more on AVG Link Scanner and download it free as a stand-alone product.

Sexy Undertakers

22 Aug


Hold everything I have discovered the world’s most random calendar – Sexy Undertakers. Yes really Sexy Undertakers. The 2007 cover is in especially glorious bad taste.

It is all in aid of removing the stigma attached to the profession in an attempt to “humanize funeral directors with the men of mortuaries calendar”. Read the sociological report, or simply visit the Men of Mortuaries website here. Having studied the site (in aid of research), I am left puzzled as there is no way on this earth their faces match the hot bodies on display. Puzzling!




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