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Hot Chip – I Feel Better windows

10 May

The Selfridges shop windows (seen by MILLIONS of people) have had a musical makeover with windows based on songs from Florence and The Machine, Dizzee Rascal, Hot Chip (by Pete Fowler above), Empire Of The Sun, Paloma Faith The XX and Marina And The Diamonds. The stores most ambitious project to date!

Each of the acts has personally designed their display which they have based around one of their songs – Hot Chip’s chose I Feel Better, the window from Florence And The Machine illustrates her song Cosmic Love, and Dizzy uses Bonkers. The concept for these windows is ‘Sounds of the Mind’ is a celebration of the power of the lyric and is designed to tie in with the start of the festival season.

These windows are part of a themed sequence of displays which includes others by Selfridges own experts. Passers-by will have a chance to guess the songs which inspired the other windows at the London and Manchester stores via their NEW website (you can now shop online whoop whoop).

But OF COURSE I have a favourite – it’s Pete Fowlers for Hot Chip and here are some of it’s design sketches, and close ups:


26 Apr

Graffomat is all you need for last minute illegal art needs – I am trying to get one for the Chance Collective / Idea Generation Gallery!

GRAFFOMAT is entering the market with a new state of the art graffiti supply vending machine!

GRAFFOMAT will supply you with all of your favorite state of the art graffiti supplies such as markers, caps, gloves, and everything else that the graffiti writer needs. Including ski masks!

Forget about the times where you would run out of paint in the middle of the night and there would be nothing you could do about it. Graffomat is here for you 24 hours a day, located easily accessible on almost every street corner in your neighborhood.

via Urban Outfitters GREAT Blog

(awesome but these guys do look like total knobs)

Web suicide machine

31 Jan

Oh I LOVE this – does all your web suicide in one easy step (apparently)! Hmmmmmmm…

Via Urban Outfitters

Dr. Frankenstein – In Real Life

3 Jun


Researchers at the North Carolina State University has developed a machine that can keep a heart beating outside the body. Anyone else thinking Dr. Frankenstein? Oh yes there is a video…


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