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Say Hello To Chuppi

25 Apr

I’ve been working on the launch of Chuppi for MATHMOS and glad that I can at last share information about it. As you can imagine I am pretty busy at the moment so apologies for just pasting the press release below.


Iconic UK brand MATHMOS have teamed up with graphic art duo TADO to create Chuppi – the perfect interactive child’s nightlight AND an adult’s collectable art toy. The wireless colour changing customizable Chuppi available internationally from the 30th April at www.MATHMOS.com and is priced at £30 (40EU).

Harnessing almost 50 years of MATHMOS ambient lighting expertise, Chuppi can be set on a single colour or allowed to cycle through the spectrum. He (or she!) will fade off automatically after half an hour, but can also be set to stay alight. Each Chuppi comes with reusable stickers for 18 different characters allowing for full customization. Should you ever tire of your light giving companion you can simply rearrange the stickers. Wirelessly this unique customizable art toy and light lasts for up to 6 hours and you simply place Chuppi on their home to charge.

MATHMOS has a history of creating magical lights with a host of acclaimed designers including Ross Lovegrove, Shin and Tomoko Azumi and El Ultimo Grito. The imaginative work of TADO bringing them to the attention of MATHMOS who felt their style would be a perfect match for their first venture into the art toy market.  Mike and Katie of TADO have also worked with Nike, MTV, Puma, Adidas, Vodafone, Elle Magazine, Star Wars, Selfridges, McDonald’s, Microsoft’s Zune, and Kidrobot. They produce graphics, animation, web design, designer toys and customized cars, and now ambient lighting.

Commenting on the collaboration TADO said:

“The main challenge was coming up with a fun little guy that offered something a little bit different to the customizable toy market. As such we wanted to try and make something that could be used either as it comes, or as a platform to be customized, with the added dimension of it being illuminated. The stickers we created also allow people to have some fun and get creative without having to break out the pens and paints! We worked really closely with MATHMOS to come up with the characters shape and pose, a true collaborative project in every sense of the world and we are delighted with the results.”

MATHMOS invented the lava lamp in 1963 and have kept it in constant UK manufacture since; designing, manufacturing and marketing their own range of award winning branded ambient lights for nearly 50 years. Proud of their long British manufacturing history and of our Queens Award winning exports, they have produced a limited edition lava lamp to commemorate The Queens diamond jubilee.

To read more about the Chuppi click here.


Naked Body Projection

15 Nov

Another one of those concepts that makes you wonder why you have not thought of it before….

A beautiful series of photographs shot by artist Texan Davis Ayer whose technique involves projecting images onto the naked bodies of women – creating the effect of photo perfect tattoos before photographing them. Would love to explore this technique further… (via The Trendy Girl)

Needless to say this post also reminds me of ‘Graffiti On Girls’ which is a lot more porno and a lot less arty than the work below (kind of SFW link):


Seven Rats Lighting

18 Apr

I am lucky enough to have owned the Lucellino table lamp & design classic from designer Ingo Maurer (shown above). Therefore it goes without saying I was completely fascinated with discovering his ‘Seven Rats In A Cage’ piece. Not exactly something I could live with in my bedroom but a talking point none the less with it’s seven rats (4 black, 2 white). Yours for only £2632.

Macabre china lighting

8 Nov Goliath

This china light fitting from Alex Garnett is beautiful – and I have to say at £150 pretty reasonable too. I am so getting one (to treat myself as having terrible time at the moment): via Notcot

Laser Harp – Fuck Yeah Friday

17 Sep

Found this amazing video over on the blog of Mr Technology whose Bill Gates rating system always amuses me:

So last week some students tried to do a Scotty and beam some particles across the room, with devastatingly lame results. Boring – get back to me when you can beam me from my bedroom to the Comic Con and then back home again in time for Iron Chef. But until then, I suppose we’ll just have to use lasers the way God intended: as a musical harp.

LED Mushrooms

4 Aug

Yes LED (NOT LSD) mushrooms growing on reclaimed wood – mighty fine idea and something to do with Great Mushrooming... (via Notcot)

Anema projection

26 Jul

Sugarland, Texas celebrated New Year’s Eve 2010 with a projection by Anema. Loving the cameos from Tetris and Tron. I am working ‘around’ this area at the moment so expect to be seeing lots more of these amazing light project posts soon!

Bodies as canvas – Marko93

22 Mar

Well I have been covered in ‘stuff’ from street artists before but not quite like this – not massively into the style of this body writing from Marko03 but loving the concept. It’s a bit too Nomad for me to be honest – wanna give you devotion etc and so on…

Moon in my room

3 Jan

Granted this is fairly old by now but I do have a soft spot for Moon In My Room having just bought one, seemed fit really as New Years Eve was a blue moon.

It is just a wall-mounted light that looks, and behaves, like the moon – passing gently through the 12 different daily phases of the moon. It can also be set manually to match the real moon.  Therefore it rocks and also appears to have mystical powers in stopping Siamese cats giving hamsters a run for their money on levels of nocturnal energy.

I bought my at Pedlars – Imagine if a shop was the love child of Cath Kidston, WI sale and Boden and you’re getting close.

For fans of space there is also the super cool light from Habitat earning serious science points for being designed by Buzz Aldrin for Habitat.

Bambi light

22 Nov

I am a more than little in love with this Bambi light – I am hoping that if I live on beans for a few weeks I can treat myself (it is £99) – it’s from Caravan who have a shop next to the Mother (as in advertising agency) branded newsagent.


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