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Lita All Over Spike

29 Jan

Total & utter all over shoe porn from Jeffrey Campbell <3

I got mine from Eilatan Shoes – and it’s a bit of a pain the arse to order from outside the UK but to be fair they are working on it and quick to get back to you.

Pinhead inspired footwear from @jcshoes

12 Jan

If I don’t get my hands on a pair of these Jeffrey Campbell “Shadow” shoes I think I am going to die inside a little. Don’t get me started on people who buy up LOADS of shoes then simply doubling the price and sell on eBay meaning true fans can’t get a pair – I want to set Pinhead on them! If you see them for sale NOT on eBay them please shout ;-) xx

Customised Lita’s

9 Oct

It is no secret I wear Jeffrey Campbell shoes 90% of the time and also love 80′s TV such as Rentaghost. Doesn’t take a genius to work out these 80′sTV show customised Lita boots rock my world (via Buzznet).

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Shoe porn for sale!

5 Oct

Apologies to the boys for a moment I need to borrow my blog as I really hate Ebay!

Anyway following the success of my Gold Glitter Lita’s going to a wonderful new home *sob* my clear out closet 2011 campaign continues… These awesome Jeffrey Campbell Rock Stars need a nice new home where they will be worn and shown off lots. I have worn them out once and they are are as comfortable to walk in as the Night Walks – they are just too bling for my wardrobe so I wear the Night Walks most of the time if in need of a ridiculous heel!!! These are totally sold out everywhere and you can’t buy them in the UK. They cost $179.95 / £116 I had to pay taxes on top of that *grimaces*.  If you love these then I should also let you know that they are releasing them in a version where they stripes will be just black gloss and black matt in case these bad boys are also too zazzy  for your wardrobe too but you love the design. Email me with an offer and the highest bid on Sunday night gets them – postage on top but we can work this out. They are size 10 which is UK 8. I will take pictures of the actual shoes later but for now here they are…

Rock Star Shoes

25 Aug

I have bored you all to death over my Night Walks but OMG this variation on their form is simply stunning – behold the Rock Star show from the Jeffrey Campbell’s latest A/W collection. Available NOW from Envi Shoes but move fast as these are going to sell out VERY fast. Brilliantly these are so OTT it makes my Night Walks seem perfect for casual day wear! Now I need Nathan to take a picture of me wearing them and they become tax deductible. YAY! Will post more pictures when mine arrive :-D

Night Walk killer heels

19 Aug

UPDATE: They have arrived :-) Here they are with my Black Milk rainbow galaxy leggings!

OK who do I have to sleep with in order to get my hands on these amazing shoes from Jeffrey Campbell as my love affair with the brand deepens by the day, paired with Black Milk you simply can’t go wrong! This love affair also has the unfortunate side effect that I am now unable to wear any other heels now I am so used to the comfort of Jeffrey Campbell – seriously my Topshop boots almost finished me off the other day!







And of course it reminds me of this Black Mountain song Night Walks which I HEART


Bloody Black Milk Leggings

6 Jul


It is no secret that I LOVE Black Milk leggings and suffice to say I love these blood splattered leggings a LOT. I came across them researching for the Edible Autopsy photo shoot but I think these bad boys will stay in my wardrobe for a while! I am also thinking they would look good on the autopsy medical team aka waitresses (teamed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes of course). Click through at your own risk (to bank balance) as there are always at least 10 items I feel that I ‘must have’ from the Black Milk Clothing site every time I visit. I also should say that despite living in the UK – and Black Milk being based in Australia – the service is both awesome and speedy. Can’t recommend them enough.




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