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Alice in Wonderland Restaurant

2 May

Oooooooo yes please – an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant in Tokyo & waitresses dressed as Alice… Some images below but head on over to Hypebeast if you want to see more…

They also have heart shaped side dishes and  the food is also appropriately themed and looks AWESOME (images via mmmfruit on Flickr). It would also seem rude not to mention here Dining with Alice which my good friend Sam (Bompas) is currently working on…

Like this post – a list of some more blooming strange fantasy restaurants can be found here.

Sushi Memo Blocks

20 Apr

These Sushi Memo Blocks from Japanese design studio Scope are available in different ‘flavors; ranging from eggs to bluefin tuna through to salmon. YUMMY!

via The Trendy Girl


29 Mar

Plug the Twimal (short for Twitter Animal) into your USB port, link it to your account and it will read Tweets back to you as they come in. Yes let’s pause for a moment to consider how annoying that would actually be, I think I could tolerate it for an hour tops. While the current model only supports Japanese (I love the Japanese for stuff like this) I can only hope a English version comes out soooooooon. Buy it here.

Japan’s Child Friendly Nuclear Cartoon

23 Mar

Japan explains the dangers of it’s current Nuclear ‘issues’ to children using poop… I don’t know how accurate the translation of this is but as long as it helps the children feel better / understand a little more who cares. Either way it is a lot better that the Daily Mail’s ridiculous coverage of events.

via Street Anatomy

Cakes for Japan – Inspiration Gallery

21 Mar

I have written much about Cakes for Japan of late, and with so many more events taking place I wanted to offer some inspiration directly from the cake makers of Japan themselves. Get baking!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lady Gaga Bracelet for Japan

15 Mar

For sale on Lady GaGa’s website:

Little Monsters, show your support for Japan with this “We Pray For Japan” wristband! Choose your price to add an additional donation with your wristband. All proceeds go directly to Japan relief efforts. Please note: this item is available for pre-order and will ship on or around March 25, 2011. All items in your order will be held to ship on that date.

Cakes for Japan

12 Mar

UPDATE: We now have a Cakes for Japan blog

All cake makers & bakers who can rustle up even a small batch of cakes for us to sell PLEASE DO GET INVOLVED – click here to find out how to donate a Cake for Japan.

You would have all seen by now the horrible events unfolding in Japan – to help support the aid agencies working we are doing one day pop up sushi / Japan inspired cake shop – Cakes for Japan. We’re doing a themed event so there will be a clear connection between the pop up store & the reason why we are doing it, reminding everyone that the people of Japan do need our help. Sushi cupcakes are also amazing!

Cake makers & bakers from around the UK are donating edible awesomeness which will be sold via our pop up shop at Maiden, Shoreditch High Street on Friday 18th March. All help is appreciated, and for those who may not consider themselves professional cake makers but feel like donating some baking (I will spare everyone my efforts) please don’t worry as any form of cake would be really appreciated & I am sure delicious. Of course if you feel like holding another Cakes for Japan event in another part of the UK, or even World, then please DO!

We’re still speaking to experts on the best agency donate the profits to but we’ll make sure it is one where the proceeds will do directly to supporting the people of Japan, and those who need our help! For example the Japanese Red Cross are directly accepting donations via the UK. OK then please spread news of this event far and wide – the more cakes we have to sell, the more money we raise and the more amazing cakes there are for everyone to eat. Come on internet / Twitter we can do this! Thanks also to Tate & Lyle, and their PR agency, Epicurus, for helping some of the bakers with sugar and golden syrup supplies!

Contact me if you want to get involved – emmylou.cakehead at gmail.com, or Twitter @miss_cakehead

Contributions already pledged include:

Sushi pops & cupcakes from Molly Bakes

Heart shaped cherry flavoured brownie balls with little cherry blossom decoration on top from Flavor Von Sponge

Japanese inspired cupcakes from the The Kooky Cake Company

Leshie Loves Cake is making green tea cupcakes

Nevie Pie is contributing painted cherry blossom cookies

Pan Man Gingerbread from London Baking

Contributions from Edd Kimber, Emily Airton & Rosanne Liu

Selection of cupcakes from Chow Cheam

Sushi inspired Cake Pops from the Cowbridge Cake Company

White chocolate brownies with a red velvet circle (brownie as well) in the middle from Snight Smiles

Earthquake Roads

11 Mar

Two amazing thought provoking images from the natural disaster in Japan from Flick user Antongorbav – fuck me if this does not hit home the power of the quake I don’t know what will. Having worked in Pakistan, helping give Earthquake relief a few years ago now, my heart totally goes out to all of those who have been hit as I have a little awareness about the long & hard road they have ahead of them as they start to recover. It is just so sad and scary… :-(


via @thefutureheads

Refrigerated Watermelon Caddy

9 Mar

Tired of the inconvenience of having to carry your watermelon everywhere? Unhappy with the temperature of your watermelon when you arrive at wherever it is you’re taking your watermelon? Then the refrigerated watermelon caddy is just the product you’re looking for.

I think you could use one of these in Shoreditch with no one giving you a second glance (via The Murder Burger)!

Cookie Boy

19 Feb

I have admired the work of Cookie Boy for aaaaages, but it’s been hard to find out more as his website was 100% Japanese. However, that has now changed, and he has uploaded loads of new images too, all meaning I can at last share yipeeeee…

These ones make me smile


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