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Leporid Human Centipede

10 Jun

Human Santapede

2 Dec

Thanks to @lovelychaos who tweeted me and said I had to see this – yes i did!

Edible human centipede

9 Oct

Head here to read more about these marvelous beasts we’ll be selling at Eat Your Heart Out & the PRETOX Potion – top work from Alice Rose Cakes & Cookies:


On a good old internet rumpus rummage I have also found this equally awesome cookies from Flickr user janeminty.

Human Centipede tattoo

2 Oct


Human Centipede cat toy

5 Sep

Yes yes I know I am making a HC inspired cake - but a cat toy?!

Sock Monkey Human Centipede

11 Aug

I am genuinely really annoyed I did not think of the idea for this cock, sorry I mean sock, monkey human centipede… (via @boingboing)

Human Centipede Cosplay

24 Jul

UPDATE: Check out my #EYHO Human Centipede cookies here

They won $1000 for this costume – maybe I should book them for Eat Your Heart Out!?


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