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Blow Job Cupcakes II

25 May

Who could forget Holly Andrews AMAZING and VERY rude cupcakes? Well here are Blow job cupcakes II – made by (I need to check first if I can name them), following the original design from Holly.

Vagina Cake Lessons: Unique Comic Relief

19 Feb

We like to do our bit for charity, so in support of Comic Relief we thought we would offer lessons in baking cakes resembling something that have given a fair few comics relief over their time, vaginas…

In response to popular demand (yes really) Holly Andrews will hold lessons in how to create her world famous vagina cupcakes (shown above). Classes will take place in London (date TBC between the 12-17 of March but it will be ‘after work’), cost is £20 (£15 for students), with all money to Comic Relief. There might even be some comedy thrown in too. Information on more classes to come soon…

Places are VERY limited so to register for more information, or to reserve a place, contact Miss Cakehead – emmylou.cakehead@gmail.com / @miss_cakehead

In case you missed it this is how Dawn French reacted when presented with one of the cupcakes for the first time:

Anatomical VD Card (NSFW)

12 Feb

XXX rates cakes 2 [massively NSFW]

20 Jan

So you all now about THE vagina cake – well here is the vagina cakes mark 2 which Holly Andrews (find out out to contact her via the Evil Cake Shop or contact me) made for a meeting we had today. More info on that coming soon… Anyway I know you just want to see rude cakes, the cum / blood is sugar syrup so you can lick it off or out of the cakes should you so desire:





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