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Pope Graffiti

16 Sep


Einstein on a bike

3 Sep

Fuck me these paste ups taken from the above photograph (by Peter Drew I think) are EVERYWHERE. I saw one The Strand last Sunday, Brick Lane today the list goes on… Adelaide (Australia) was also covered in them too a few months back…

stenSOUL cake

19 Jul

stenSOUL has sent me  his design for a cake to be featured at the The Mad Artist Tea Party – it’s looooooking so good & we can’t wait until it’s time to make this bad boy. We are also going to spray on the ‘eye’ and artist tag using a stencil and food coloring in a spray can – as you should with any authentic street art style cake of course (I also have to say Peat ROCKS my world he has been so helpful)!

Before you all go noooooooooo and cover your eyes and ears I promise that there is no need for a spoiler alert here. Whilst I am going to post a fair few crumbs about The Mad Artist Tea Party in the next six weeks, rest assured that there will still be plenty of BIG surprises at the show itself… …and this cake may not be all it seems?!

Graffiti on girls

10 Jul

Shriimp is a site dedicated to Graffiti on Girls, only a little random them?!.. Needless to say bottom left in am favorite.

Cock Piss Partridge

7 Jun

OK so I am a bad influence – AWESOME work from Pete Fowler who responded gallantly to the open brief for painting a car live at yesterday’s art car boot. Images of the ‘proper art’ to come but this is just SO brilliant I had to post first. You’ll either get it instantly or you wont – it was either major thumbs up or baffled looks yesterday for sure.

Lily Allen Street Art

28 May

Saw this at work today:

Graffiti cupcakes

20 May

Graffiti cupcakes from Little Sweeties:

And a bonus Kiss set from the same Flickr stream:


26 Apr

Graffomat is all you need for last minute illegal art needs – I am trying to get one for the Chance Collective / Idea Generation Gallery!

GRAFFOMAT is entering the market with a new state of the art graffiti supply vending machine!

GRAFFOMAT will supply you with all of your favorite state of the art graffiti supplies such as markers, caps, gloves, and everything else that the graffiti writer needs. Including ski masks!

Forget about the times where you would run out of paint in the middle of the night and there would be nothing you could do about it. Graffomat is here for you 24 hours a day, located easily accessible on almost every street corner in your neighborhood.

via Urban Outfitters GREAT Blog

(awesome but these guys do look like total knobs)

Israel Graffiti

6 Apr

Great video posted by my friends over at Nerdcore! Showong the Broken Fingaz Crew at work in Israel.

Graffiti Girls

4 Apr

Some really beautiful paintings from Kevin Peterson – the Banksy (Balloon Girl) on the wall is a particularly nice touch!

If Graffiti Girls are not your thing then you can always go for Buffalo Girls…


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