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Glittering bottom slapping

24 Sep

OK so the Photography Factory who made this film below are bloody amazing – I’ve already emailed them to cook up some deviant mischief (tho I think it’s a bit strange they have an ethics section on their blog which I always take as a given)!

We work without individual credit or personal recognition. No project is too simple, too complex or too hard to do our best. This is an unusual photography site: but our quality and dedication are exceptional too.

NSFW NOTE: As nothing is not safe for my work I find it really hard to judge what is and is not ok to look at during a working day, and of course that totally depends on where you work too. To get around this I have issued a blanket NSFW to my whole blog!!!

Glittery unicorn cakes

20 Jun

Whoa there horsey these cakes from the Curious Confectioner are just way too bright on every level – fucking brilliant. Bonus glittery marks for adding the horn to get around various sticky copyright issues – this of course a unicorn not a pony!


19 Aug


Cordarounds are the perfect brand for a ‘media’ wardrobe if I ever saw one – the San Fransico based brand sells pants, smoking jackets and more. I love their stuff… I mean it is even broken down into groups such as ‘bike to work’ and ‘trouser think tank’. The way their clothes are shown off online is really inventive and if  all of this was not enough they have the best disco pants EVER. See these and more below;






Skull Disco

3 Jan

They are called Disco Inferno – it was love at first sight for Cakehead and these pieces from Christoph Steinmeyer.



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