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Updated George Morton-Clark

21 Nov

I love George (Morton-Clark) to absolute bits so felt really bad when I realized I had not posted any of his work for ages – it’s very rude of me not to share (I get to see them all the time). I think I am too close to comment properly on these except to say I love them, they are so disturbed and fucked up, and from one of the *nicest men ever! Ahhhhhhhh :-)

(this scares me as I recognise those eyes)

*certain exclusions apply

Tweeting behind the gory scenes

24 Sep

George Morton-Clark - ready to roll

Apologies for lack of posts today it’s been the gory cake madness of the Eat Your Heart Out & PRETOX Potion shoot today – here are some of the images I have been ‘tweeting’ throughout the day. Wait until you see the proper ones – the work of Nathan Pask blew me away today! OMG as for the last supper – though I got *freaked out* seeing a very dear friend with a noose around their next looped over a beam. More of that to come…

Zombie Captain Pete Fowler

Miss C - wardrobe one

Miss C & Holly Clarke's 'Vagina Dentata" cake

Eleanor Stuart 'Eyeballs'

Black Cherry Bakery's 'Heart & Maggot' Cake

2 new ‘George’s’

17 Sep

Love these two pieces from George Morton-Clark – even though he ALWAYS leads me astray:

The official portraits!!!

15 Aug

Oooooo it’s like when they unveil the new portrait of the Queen, except this has not, and never will, involve Rolf Harris. You may have seen some of these already but here are the official Cake Britain, presented by the Mad Artists Tea Party, portraits taken by Nathan Pask. I can NOT wait until we can shoot Eat Your Heart Out. Bring that on ASAP!

George Morton-Clark & Miss Cakehead

Mad Artists Tea Party pairing Lily Vanilli & Alex Turvey

Stuart Semple

Captain Pete Fowler

George Morton-Clarke

Miss Cakehead

Group shot - mad artists!

George Morton-Clark & Miss Cakehead (in this case literally)

Alex Turvey

Lily Vanilli

Swallowing icing…

6 Aug

OK so here are the PROPER shots of  The Mad Artists Tea Party shoot – taken by the awesome Nathan Pask who was a joy and delight to work with:

Miss C & Mr Fowler

Pete Fowler

Miss Cakehead

Jon Burgerman, Miss C, George M-C, Lily Vanilli, Alex Turvey

George Morton_Clarke / Miss Cakehead

‘Holi’ George Morton-Clark

8 Jul

I have recently fallen in love with the work of George Morton-Clark and feel that this is possible the best £35 that you could ever spend. Get involved as they are only available until the end of this week-end!

George Morton Clark

20 Jun

George Morton Clark is an artist to watch – and if your one of the happy killing people who buy up amazing art as an investment, not our of love, then buy his pieces. He is going to be MASSIVE.


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