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Post Living – Art vs Furniture

29 Apr

This is such as clever concept from Post Living – an art table and two prints in a menage a trois of art awesomeness.

PostLiving is a UK based company set up around a passion for urban art and simple modern and affordable pieces of furniture and homewares. The founders of PostLiving have backgrounds in graphic, interior and product design. The end game is to work alongside artists creating an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration.

Currently there are some pretty darn awesome Pete Fowler sets on offer – each featuring a table and two prints of ‘The Owler’ family. Fab value for money at £125.00.


‘The Owlers’ for Post living: I’ve always been interested in furniture and ways of introducing functionality to artwork and vice versa, so this project with Post Living caught my attention.

This series of images are drawn from my most recent work using the ipad to paint with. It’s such an immediate tool to use, like a sketchbook but with full colour at your fingertips. To anyone who is familiar with my work, owls started cropping up as I started to become comfortable using the ipad.

A group of almost half owl-half human characters appeared over a few days painting and they seemed to be alive and could do with a home, it seemed perfect to set them free in people’s living rooms.

Are they a family or related? I’ll leave that up to whoever lives with them but I’ve just called them the Owlers after a group of beloved friends.

For more on Pete Fowler see his Bio page

3 images = 1 x Table // 2 x Wall Art. Art vs Furniture. You decide? 
You choose the table//wall art combo when you select your favorite table option (01, 02 or 03).
Each table option has a picture of the table, a room view and the original artwork images.
Once you have chosen your table option, your table arrives pre-assemble, with 2 pieces of ready to hang wall art.

What you get: 
1 x Table 
2 x Wall Art

450mm (w) x 450mm (d) x 360mm (h)

All the products are constructed from 18mm MDF, the table surface is sealed and the legs are a fantastic mixture of wood and white laminate.

Pony Girl Rocking Horse

14 Dec

Personally I’d need a diagram to figure out how this could be used for ahem “sexy time” so I will let the artist Peter Jakubik explain in his own words:

Pony Girl Rocker is a toy for adults shaped as a woman attached onto the rockers similar to those of a rocking chair. The rocker ironically carries a memory of boys’ games on knights, riders, conquerors or warriors and pushes it into the field of adult fantasies. It could be a great wedding gift for a newly married couples who can make a use of it as a relaxation simulator to prevent the partnership malfunction. In the context of BDSM practices it can be used as a trainer for pony play sessions. In need of humiliation, unless your wife or girlfriend do not like a pony play, just use this toy. Pony Girl Rocker as a forgotten and again found toy as an object for adults. Old wooden surface is supposed to remind of forgotten old child’s toy found in the attic and upgraded to a fetish design object.


The Octopus Chair

7 Mar

I feel confident in stating this is the best chair you would have ever seen, it is from Maximo Riera and the first in a series called ‘The Animal Chair’.

The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and even including insects. Each creation retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance. This collection is homage to these animals and the whole animal kingdom which inhabits our planet, as an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature in each living thing.


Mine furniture

15 Oct

Sculptor Mati Karmin is overhauling Russian AGSB-type sea mines found off the coast of Estonia turning them into furniture such as desks, fireplaces, chairs, tables, bathtubs, toilets, aquariums, bar cabinets and LED chandeliers. To lose the scrap metal vibe Karmin then adds beautiful hand-treated copper details, metal mesh, leather upholstery and granite and glass surfaces – likely to be ball breakingly expensive (source via notcot).


For me I think this is another one of those things where I love the concept of the work more than the pieces themselves. What do you think?





Anatomical furniture

11 Nov

All of this anatomical inspired furniture is from The Vanita collection by Vladi Rapaport – a skull chair, spine inspired light and brain footstool are the triptych of anatomical brilliance.











Source: street anatomy

Chair Tattoos

5 Aug

A simple concept – chair whore is one blog shit loads of chairs. Thanks to Dirk for the twitter tip.

To be honest as the blog is newish there is not too much content, and the stuff there at the moment is not very inspirational, you would have seen it before. Nice idea though, would be worth checking out in six months or so although it might have been better as a tumblr. My solution liven the content up instantly with things like these chair tattoos (there are also a couple of images from the site to demonstrate my point).









UPDATE: Just found this supercool mutli chair tattoo for the massive design geek


More Bad Arse Furniture

10 Jan


Proof it is possible to fall in love with inanimate objects – something I have suspected for a while due to the personality ego bypass on legs that was my ex boyfriend.

Bad Arse Seating

8 Jan






















Seating with attitude – absolutely f**king brilliant… Jimmie Martin rocks my world. I am going to live on baked beans for 2009 so I can buy one of these pieces.


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