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Anne Fishbein food photography

23 Dec

WOW is all I can say about these 2011 top picks of Anne Fishbein’s food photography over at LA Weekly.

Maize cake Gambas at Playa

Marinated raw crab (gaejang gahane) at Soba

Chile relleno, Selle d'agneau aux chiles piquins at Rivera

Spaghetti with sardines; tomato-braised octopus with chick pea

Dehydrated Meyer lemon slices at Red Medicine

Grilled corvina at Olympic Cheonggukjang

Soft Guerilla

22 Dec

Thing this new series of work from Kyle Bean for CUT magazine entitled ‘Soft Guerilla’ is my favourite series of his works so far.

A series of weapons made from harmless materials for a feature article centred around the topic of ‘Guerilla Gardening’ and ‘Yarn Bombing’. Photography: Sam Hofman

very festive ;-)

Philippe Jarrigeon

17 Dec

A rare thing – a photographer with a completely unique style…









Melbourne’s Titanic Theatre Dinner

15 Dec

How has this Australian Titanic Dinner Theatre escaped me for so long?!!! It looks HORRENDOUS and so tacky it is clearly amazing.







Death Carrot – Star Wars vegetable carving

11 Dec

Amazing post over at Foodiggity – click through for full ‘how to’ instructions. Like simply having instructions is going to help to you make this eh?!




Brain Food

6 Dec

Brains made from different foods…

Carl Kleiner Food Sculptures

20 Nov

Carl Kleiner demonstrates exactly why you should play with your food (via Juxtapoz).










Something I Ate

18 Nov


Something I Ate is a seasonal gastronomic event celebrating delicious art and beautiful food – reminds me of much much better version of the Experimental Food Society (via Cool Hunting).

In the weeks prior to the event, participating artists are asked to keep a food diary and track the meals they consume over the course of seven days. These food diaries become the foundation for both the menu that is served at the event and the creative work unveiled, with each artist displaying a piece inspired by their documented eating habits.






Liver Fondue

12 Nov

Collecting 70′s cook books has become a bit of an obsession with me, fuelled by my adoration for retro food styling. In my local charity shop today I found this astonishing 70′s fondue & table top cookery book. Now I LOVE cheese but some of these recipes would make any sane person go bleargh and I wont be trying them anytime soon. If you are braver than me then please do tell me how your liver / scampi / anchovy fondue experimentation goes…




Skull bento

26 Sep

Time to liven up those packed lunches for Halloween – click on image for source / read more.





















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