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Designer Fireworks

23 Dec

I am not the world’s biggest Firework fan for so many reasons (I wont list or this will turn into a bit of rant and it’s Christmas). However even I – firework hater supreme – appreciate the (unlit) beauty of these designer fireworks for adults. A glorious extra layer of unnecessary thought and attention to detail on an element that won’t affect their primary function – to explode and look pretty. Almost too pretty to light which suits me fine! Yes of course they are from Japan did you really have to ask?

They are produced by Tokyo’s classic fireworks maker Yamagata, these sparklers and assorted small fireworks are top quality and certainly invoke nostalgia, but it’s the additional coloring and concept by design firmMethod that makes them truly unique.

Photography & source Japan Trends.

Unlit it stops raining firework fans will just have to fill your boots with this amazing Mexican display below.



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