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Pretty Pervy

10 Oct

I can promise that you would have seen the work of Pretty Pervy about, even if you did not know where it came from. More likely you would have been watching the costume totter past you thinking what the fuck… Pretty Pervy specialize in unique hand crafted rubber wear, latex couture and adult fantasy design, and it’s jaw droping brilliant and seriously screwed up at the same time. Remember the inflated costumes below are being worn by someone – it’s a fetish thing.

This final one, a latex orca suit with inflatable tail section and structural rigid fins, is my favourite. It’s owned by Squeaky Toys who are very proud of their critter suit / rubber furs collection – head over to their site to see a LOT of images.

A Na’vi fetishists delight

30 Sep

It’s a good day for Na’vi fetishists – check out Hustler’s new 3D Avatar themed porn parody. In your face to everyone who says the giant vagina cake is fucked up – see it’s perfectly sane (source):

Fetishy converse

16 Aug

London based Performance artist Davide Allieri created these conceptual high-heeled Converse for one of his pieces – Precision Impression 4″ ( the fourth chapter in the series). I am trying to fall in love with this art form (currently don’t feel it) with incoming cupcake catapult activities so here is the full blurb from the artist:

I’m creating the clothes and the objects to use during the new work called “Precision Impression 4″ ( the fourth chapter in the series).
The work will include: performance, wall drawings, objects and clothes. Each of these exhibited in a single installation.
I ll wear: high heel all star, jeans, a white tuxedo jacket, a leather corset, some straps-leashes and a falconry glove.
I ll use two big stamps with graphite powder to make drawings on the wall.

(as you do)

Erotic Falconry (text NSFW)

24 Jun

This has GOT to be a wind up – nice tweet from @notcot alerted me to this gem of a website: Erotic Falconry! The best bit is the glove seeking bird / bird seeking glove dating section.

When a group of fellow orniphiles (???) sat down in a sweaty boardroom outside LaCrosse, Wisconsin in August of 2004, they didn’t know their little “perversion” would soon become a tri-statewide movement.

That word. Perversion. Makes my skin crawl, my stomach turn and my scrotum contract. Where’s the perversion in loving another one of God’s creatures? Where’s the deviance in wanting to pull feathers rather than blond hair? What’s abnormal about wanting to see your wife take a three-inch beak instead of a 10-inch African American phallus or a silicon, injection-molded forearm? How can a human vagina or anus even compare to hollow bones or a molty egg-hole. Hah!

And a movement it has become! With nearly 60 proud enthusiasts with real email addresses, we’re taking the sexual fringe community by storm. You can bet that’s got the fellas at Nambla plenty nervous. Even celebrities like Robert Loggia, Carrie Strug, Liam Neeson and Ted Pennington are showing their talon marks!

Eroticfalconry.com is hopefully just the tip of the iceberg. Our goal is to show others what turns us on so that they can see the natural sexual ferocity of our feathered friends.

If we can moisten a few more panties or instigate a couple more boners we can get the raptor-love movement to really take flight.  (Pun gloriously intended.) These are OUR images. These are OUR feelings. This is OUR moment.

Fetish bunny hoods – Easter repost

28 Mar

Thanks to possumland for this great tip off – a comment posted in response to the now infamous rabbits in human clothing gallery (one of my first posts every on this blog).

Anyway the link did indeed take me to some rather strange items of erm… …interest as well as the rabbit hood which you can buy here for just over $200 – BE WARNED THE SITE COULD NOT BE LESS SFW (& I don’t suggest looking at the feminization pages)…

It is pretty hard core and that is coming from the scumstress (an old pet name which I could never decide if it was flattering or not). Whatever your views, with the carrot vibrator you can’t knock them for attention to detail.

The Black Rabbit Hood is a top quality black leather bondage hood that is exclusive to Stockroom.com. This animal face hood is hand crafted from premium black and red garment leather by highly skilled seamstresses. Careful attention to shaping detail makes for an excellent fit.

The Rabbit Hood is great for sensory deprivation play. The mouth-hole is a small nickel plated eyelet that measures ½” in diameter. The eyes are circular red leather patches that each have a 1¼” diameter and nine small holes to see through, making visibility quite minimal.

An added benefit to the Black Rabbit Hood is the buckling black Latigo leather collar strap. The collar strap has a lockable buckle and an attachment point for a small lock (not included), so that the wearer can’t remove the hood.

The collar adds to the secure feel and look of the Black Rabbit Hood Hood. The collar also provides a place to attach a leash or chains. The collar is also decorated and disguised with a large black leather bow.

The Black Rabbit Hood is both sexy and scary. The bunny face conveys an expressive sense of mischief and mystery, mixed with strange seduction. You won’t find this bondage hood anywhere other than Stockroom.

Antiseptic fashion

16 Mar

Awesome party coming up but four weeks is no way long enough to make my costume – I am browsing my friend Google like mad for inspiration and came accross Antiseptic Fashion. Really nice pieces – and I LOVE the second one down.

Latex in Wonderland

6 Mar

Great Alice in Wonderland themed shoot from Bizarre Magazine:

I REALLY want a horses tail

6 Mar

I want one of these beautiful horses tails so badly…

Paul Seville has designed this black leather corset belt exclusively for Coco de Mer and it’s made with the finest leather and real horsehair. Jump into the saddle with this show-stopping piece. Be a fine young filly and strut your stuff in style with the corset belt to give your body a defined, hourglass shape. The serving suggestion for this bad boy is to team the corset belt with a saucy pair of suspenders, seamed stockings and top off with a pair of diamante crystal covers for that added va va vroom. Saddle up for the ride of your life and fulfill all your equestrian fantasies!

Then again I can always settle on a washing machine with a saddle on it such as the orgasmatron 3000:

Jay Matthews

15 Aug

The world of Jay Matthews self portraits is surreal, strange and very very gay. I love it, especially the sets. Here are Miss Cakehead’s picks:

Face (2008)




Skates (2008)





Balloons (2009)








Cast fetish

2 Aug


Cast Fetish is ridiculous, although I have been reliably informed these people are not taking the piss. Look at ‘Angel’ above for example.

The images below are from various cast fetish subscription sites, dedicated to people who get their rocks off looking at women in plaster cast. It’s clear that good looks and a model figure are no barrier to success when it comes to this form or erotic modeling- in fact the sexy clothing appears to be limited to lounge wear…

(Look out for my personal favorites – Marilyn Monroe and the girl hoovering)







marilyn llc (82)




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