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Brilliant Design Lecture – ‘The Chaos’ consumed

8 Nov Tate&Lyle

I am going to be talking about this installation at Wednesday’s Brilliant Design Lecture:

Here is The Futureheads V Miss Cakehead ‘The Chaos’ cookie installation for  Cake Britain – the world’s first totally edible art exhibition supported by Tate & Lyle (and an event from The Mad Artists Tea Party). I can’t believe my insane idea ending up looking this good, and importantly that everyone loved it too. Personally I knew I adored this piece as soon as it was done (even if this was about 60 seconds before we opened the doors for the private view on Thursday), and the band gave it their seal of approved too on Sunday.

Importantly all proceeds & donations from Cake Britain are to charity  (including a donation towards Newcastle based St Oswald’s House specifically for this piece), which is a really important factor in this mayhem for me.

The vanilla cookies were from Molly Bakes & Kookie Cookies, the installation elements from the amazing Bruno & Ben (not to mention everyone else who got stuck in to make sure it was ready in time for opening). You all ROCK!

Rough sums: 200 hours to make in all / eaten in about an hour.

Being eaten by guests at the show:

& being gobbled by the band (geeks will notice the sync up of images):


Behind the scenes video – Eat Your Heart Out

25 Sep

OK so this video explains why I did not post yesterday – I was a little tied up with a broadly themed Carnival Kids style shoot for Eat Your Heart Out! Typically my mum has noticed I had a new tattoo oblivious to the vagina dentata cake!!!

The Who V Madonna

19 Aug

Lily Vanilli gets dirty (with Ash)

27 Jul

Amazing new video from Ash which features Lily Vanilli, Curator of Cake for The Mad Artists Tea Party (and maker of all things wondrous) getting down and dirty with cake. Best of all the director of this video, Alex Turvey, will be working with Lily again for the MATP! Not fair I want to feed a lot of musicians a lot of cake!


24 Jul

OK I actually do totally freaked out writing this post and there is a good reason… oh yes this is a bad / good one those eyelashes below are made from…

…dead fly legs. Yep artist Jessica Harrison makes ‘sculptural videos’ including one using real fly legs for eyelashes called (of course) Flylashes.  It’s making me shudder – but equally I LOVE IT.

I don’t find Mouth Eye any less disturbing either – urrrrrrghhhhhhhh

via Nerdcore

Fuck this cake

14 Jul

I am having to do some heavy duty research at the moment into cakes & fonts after getting a big fat yes to the concept yesterday (to whom it may concern thank you!!!). Can’t share more except it’s my installation piece at the The Mad Artists Tea Party. Oh yes briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing it on!

UPDATE here is an interview with the genius behind the ‘Helvetica’ cake and ‘Fuck This Cake’ above: http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/baking/interview-with-zack-ginies-fon/

Clinic – Video Update #4

13 Jul

If these images of joy don’t warm the cockles of your heart then your dead inside!

Time for the the latest update from the I’m Aware video shoot which I’m producing for the band Clinic. Pete Fowler directing and creating (not to mention his insane concept), whilst the AMAZING cast is by the scarily talented Felt Mistress.

Futureheads V Alphabeat (US tour repost)

4 Jun

The Cakehead Loves Evil print (have a few left still) made me discover that most of the people who ready this blog are in the US – so it would seem rude not to remind you all that The (awesome) Futureheads are currently on tour there, and I can’t recommend enough that you go and see them.

It’s also an good reason to re-post this absolutely fucking brilliant mash up – full of joy for a sunny Friday:

Slutty toilet roll dolly

12 Mar

I had you at slutty toilet roll right?..

Anyway I LOVE my new dress but apparently it makes me look like, and I quote, “a toilet dolly on crack, hey or a slutty toilet dolly on crack” (how do you even dream that insult up)?  There was worse; “or one of those brides on the gypsy wedding show”! I am massively at give a shit dot com with this and am most certainly going to wear it out tonight, and hey maybe even for the Sainsbury’s shop tomorrow too.

Here are some random variations on toilet dolly’s – and my fat bum in ‘that’ dress. For my sanity please can someone confirm if the insults were accurate!!! I must admit that I feel like a teenager taking pictures in front of the mirror – but in a bad way!

To be honest I was thinking at worst kooky fairy with a burlesque vibe :-( But am now genuinely concerned I may be trying to rock a look that no one over the age of ten should ever attempt. Sod it I might as well embrace the look and go out wearing Dolly Beads too. Bring it on!!!

Plush Femur

25 Oct


Great work here from Becky Stern:

I made this large-scale model of my femur in plush. I used pictures from inside my knee during surgery and looked at anatomy pictures to get the shape. I had a flap of cartilage that had to be removed, then the doc drilled little holes in the underlying bone to stimulate scar tissue growth for padding in the area. The object is surprisingly cuddly.

Materials: fuzzy polyester fur, fleece.


Becky’s other anatomical projects include an embroidered MRI slice (as you do);



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