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Animal Party Candles

9 Dec

Such a great idea for cool and easy to make candle holders with full instructions here at The Sweetest Occasion – I love the dinosaur one the most grawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Terrarium Bauble

7 Dec

Learn how to make your own here – it’s SO pretty!


DIY Dia de Los Muertos Sugar Skulls

24 Nov

I can’t wait to try these – beautiful and so much better than the shop bought ones. In my eyes near perfection. Lovely work from The Kitchy Kitchen – head there for full instructions.










DIY Daft Punk Helmet

18 Sep


A video documenting 4 months of work in creating a replica of Thomas Bangalter’s helmet from Daft Punk. The piece has over 350 LEDs, can run over 4 hours on a single charge, and the matrix is capable of being updated on-the-fly with a custom programmed iOS app (via Nerdcore).


Click here to read more and see a photo shoot featuring a pretty darn sexy DeLorean.







Amazing Muppet Theatre

6 Apr

This amazing Muppet theatre was built from scratch, wow just wow. Astonishing work from Canadian art student Lance Cardinal. For someone who has neither the patience or skill to tackle even the most basic piece of Ikea furniture the fact someone could achieve the level of detail shown in this is astonishing to me.

The day has finally come! I have finished my scratch built Muppet Theatre Playset. I cant wait to show you all the fun things about it! Please enjoy!

Nine years ago Palisades toy company began releasing the Muppet Show Character figures. I had always been a huge fan of the show and I loved the opportunity to own a piece of this important history . The quality of the characters’ construction was top notch, the accuracy of the details were unmatched and the accessories were amazing. They released 4 playsets including Pigs in Space, Sweedish Chef kitchen, Muppet Labs and Electric Mayhem Concert Stage. I have 82 of the Muppet Show Characters and all of the playsets. When the company went bankrupt in 2006, the toy line stopped abruptly and many of the proposed toys never happened.


Sneaker customisation kit

28 Sep


I desire this trainer (sneaker) customization kit from JGoods a little more than is healthy – designed with leather trainers in mind it comes with paint, brushes, cotton and explanatory guide. An inspired idea – buy yours here.



Or of course you could go to someone like Brass Monki – see some of their AWESOME designs below;







DIY Obama

26 Sep

I like these Obama action figures from Jailbreak Toys – great action figure design with a sense of humour. Touches such as the ‘Hope’ and totally sold out ‘Summer Suit’ editions are awesome.

OB000 DIY-2

OB000 HP-2

OB000 IN-2


DIY Hirst

11 Jun

This is super clever… A range of uber cool craft sets from i artist London that allow you to recreate the works of some awesome artists. Check this out!!!


For the Love of God is an amazing piece by Damien Hirst that consists of a platinum cast of a human skull encrusted with 8.601 diamonds including a massive pear- shaped one on the forehead. It cost 14 million pounds to produce. This is the ultimate contemporary piece of art that everyone wants to display in their home.

Now, with IHIRST you will be able to create your very own replica. We have included a real size plastic skull and and all the crystals you need to create your copy (Yes! Each one of the 8.601 crystals at an incredible price!). Even the glue and the tweezers are included; patience is the only thing you need. It´s a challenge!! You can even customize your design by adding crystals with different colours if you prefer. Choose your tools. With IHIRST you can create an entirely new design or stick to the original one. Enjoy a piece of art that´s as entirely individual as you are yourself.


(Let me say that I do not even have the staying power to watch a film so as far as this goes there is nooooooooo way.)



(via notcot)

Free Wall Decoration

15 Apr

Inspired idea to decorate your wall for free… The best use I have seen yet for the paint charts at your local DIY store.






DIY McDonald’s

30 Mar

Well they are showing initiative…






Via Urlesque


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