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Racist Cakes – A Slice of Moral Outrage

21 Apr

This fiasco around this cake last week made me so cross and not for the reasons you expect. It was the moral panic that followed news of the cake, combined with millions of people jumping on the bandwagon, that made steam come from my ears. It would appear that 90% of the population, and all of the media (except the Guardian who made some excellent comments), find the practise it is campaigning against more acceptable than the cake. Morons. What a wasted opportunity… the video has clocked up over 2 million views in less than a week.

That said there has been some interesting interest discussion around this cake such as over at Jeremy Riad’s blog where I was asked to comment – the whole article well worth a read.

Dissected Lego frog (yes dissected)

2 Nov legofrog-1

Super geeky Lego in action here… hmmmmm I don’t think I would like to be inside the head of Dave Kaleta who came up with this bad boy. He claims it is inspired by biology classes. I think he might just be a little twisted. To be honest works either way for me!

There is a full Flickr stream of this piece, entitled ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ too, well worth a look.

(via Nerdcore)


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