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Designer Fireworks

23 Dec

I am not the world’s biggest Firework fan for so many reasons (I wont list or this will turn into a bit of rant and it’s Christmas). However even I – firework hater supreme – appreciate the (unlit) beauty of these designer fireworks for adults. A glorious extra layer of unnecessary thought and attention to detail on an element that won’t affect their primary function – to explode and look pretty. Almost too pretty to light which suits me fine! Yes of course they are from Japan did you really have to ask?

They are produced by Tokyo’s classic fireworks maker Yamagata, these sparklers and assorted small fireworks are top quality and certainly invoke nostalgia, but it’s the additional coloring and concept by design firmMethod that makes them truly unique.

Photography & source Japan Trends.

Unlit it stops raining firework fans will just have to fill your boots with this amazing Mexican display below.


Pony Girl Rocking Horse

14 Dec

Personally I’d need a diagram to figure out how this could be used for ahem “sexy time” so I will let the artist Peter Jakubik explain in his own words:

Pony Girl Rocker is a toy for adults shaped as a woman attached onto the rockers similar to those of a rocking chair. The rocker ironically carries a memory of boys’ games on knights, riders, conquerors or warriors and pushes it into the field of adult fantasies. It could be a great wedding gift for a newly married couples who can make a use of it as a relaxation simulator to prevent the partnership malfunction. In the context of BDSM practices it can be used as a trainer for pony play sessions. In need of humiliation, unless your wife or girlfriend do not like a pony play, just use this toy. Pony Girl Rocker as a forgotten and again found toy as an object for adults. Old wooden surface is supposed to remind of forgotten old child’s toy found in the attic and upgraded to a fetish design object.


Piggy Extension

8 Oct

This is one of the best pieces of ‘novelty technology’ I have ever seen – a power strip shaped like a pig (sadly looks like it can’t be used in the UK though *sob*). It’s called “Svintus”and is still in the prototype stage for now – I really hope the Russian design studio Art bring it to life!!!

(via The Trendy Girl)

Sitting on a walrus

13 Sep

I lusted over the Octopus chair from Maximo Riera but as I am seriously fickle I have now transferred my affections to his latest piece, the Walrus. AMAZING. This truly is an example of functional art at it’s very very best. I can not wait for the lion, beetle and whale example coming soon. Find out more on his website.


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Parmesan Pencil

21 Jul

OK so this is the best thing I have ever seen relating to cheese – the parmesan pencil from Kolle Rebbe is simply genius… (via The Trendy Girl)







Reinventing the Racing Silk

14 May

I have been working on this Racing For Change project for the past few weeks with lovely Freerange and it seemed almost ridiculous not to feature it on this blog – especially as I have been asking others to do the same. Having fessed up to the fact it is 100% work (which I always do) I thought I might as well also post the press release whole.

It’s almost 250 years since jockeys began wearing silks in horse races – allowing them to be easily identified during a race – since which time they have been few changes until now…
In an effort to bring jockeys’ attire into the 21st century, Racing For Change – an organisation set up to broaden the appeal of horseracing – has commissioned a series of revolutionary new designs from students currently studying at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.
A shortlist of 13 finalists has been announced and their entries will be shown at a public exhibition at Central Saint Martin’s Innovation Centre, along with each of the student designs initially submitted. Judges will be choosing one winner, whose designs will go on to be worn by the country’s top jockeys in a race at Britain’s premier racecourse, Ascot, on 9th July 2011.

Designs from Rachel Sale & Sophie Gate

Traditional coloured diamonds, stripes, chevrons and circles used on racing silks have been replaced by an amazing array of eye-catching modern graphics including;
• Racing colours based on the lucky combinations of fruit machine symbols such as oranges, cherries, the number seven and lemons – from Henry Griffin

• Lucky charms such as a wishbone, four-leaf clover, crossed fingers, a horse shoe, a rabbit’s foot and even a ‘lucky’ bird dropping – from Jessica Hall and Ella de Weijer

• Racing colours based on the theme of ‘Looks Like…’, taking items from a traditional British picnic and aiming to make life easier for the commentator and the race judge with their very differences, for example a scotch egg, slice of watermelon, an egg and cress sandwich and even a strawberry – from Rachel Sale and Sophie Gates.

Rod Street, Chief Executive of Racing for Change said:

“Racing silks have been around since 1762 when the Jockey Club decided that some form of differentiation was necessary in order to assist the race judge. Nowadays, they’ve all been standardized and have become rather boring so we thought it was time to create some new graphics, colours and visual ideas.

Designs from Maelle Bataille

Students who took part weren’t constrained by the current shapes and colours, but were expected to come up with striking designs that would communicate to punters, race goers and TV viewers. The students spent a day at the races and went away to design their racing silks for the 21st century. We have been very impressed with the quality of the work.”

In all 37 students took part in the competition, which was launched in March this year. The work of the13 finalists will be shown at a public exhibition at St Martin’s College on 19th – 20th May. The winning student’s designs will be sewn into silks to be worn in a special race at Ascot on July 9th.

Please visit http://www.lovetheraces.com for further information.

Do let me know if you are interested in this story, or featuring it on your own blog / site. It’s very on trend for colour blocking ;-)

Pirates in the bedroom

9 Mar

Nobody likes a show off but you can’t deny that designer Steve Kuhl American is doing just that with his 6 year old sons pirate bedroom. Have to say I don’t blame him one bit as this is absolutely amazing, in fact I would quite like it for a study. There is a hut-shaped galley ceiling, a wooden bridge and a slide hidden in the closet to descend directly from a floor or a knotted rope to cross the floor through the cupboards (via). I love it all!

Colourful Crayons

22 Sep

Sometimes the most simple concepts bring the most joy. I have to say that is true for this concept from graphic designer Ryan Musselman who simply placed crayons in different situations and photographed them (via Notcot). That said I think it is fair to say that this concept is VERY “it’s OK to be a dickhead”… …as is World Famous Design Junkies (in a good way) who posted this originally.

Dead mouse ring

20 Sep

So I walked out of the office today to find a Love Me, Live With Me stand outside the door (exactly where the paps were for Victoria Beckham the other day but I digress). Out of context recalling this experience would make it seem like a dream but it was in fact very real.

The stand was there promoting the arts in the North East, the project is all about “Interesting Things Designed and Made By Clever People”.  You take your object home, live with it, decide if you love it then write about your experience on their blog before passing it onto someone. I have got this taxidermy (fake) mouse head ring which I am so wearing for the Eat Your Heart Out photoshoot on Friday. It’s called an ‘Eek Ring’ – it looks really real and is totally freaking me out!!! Have already decided that Alix Fox has got to be the next owner of this bad boy too!..

Janet Allison

Sweet and petite or ghastly and grim, these tufty little mousekins are sure to grab attention and split opinions. These taxidermy inspired trophies combine the repellent ideas of infestation and contamination with a playful wearable design. Each critter is completely individual and one-of-a-kind, brought to life with sparkling Swarovski crystal eyes.

Here are some of the other objects you get to choose from too:

Fuck this cake

14 Jul

I am having to do some heavy duty research at the moment into cakes & fonts after getting a big fat yes to the concept yesterday (to whom it may concern thank you!!!). Can’t share more except it’s my installation piece at the The Mad Artists Tea Party. Oh yes briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing it on!

UPDATE here is an interview with the genius behind the ‘Helvetica’ cake and ‘Fuck This Cake’ above: http://blogs.laweekly.com/squidink/baking/interview-with-zack-ginies-fon/


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