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Gypse Eyes – Sex, Art, Food & Drink

21 Apr

They had me at dildo in hot dog bun – I am so in love with this Kickstarter project it’s ridiculous.  An excellent example of how crowd sourced funding can make amazing projects happen.


Gypsé Eyes is a printed art publication that explores love and sex and incorporates work from artists, photographers, and writers.  This issue investigates Food & Drink and promises to be mouth wateringly tasty (if not always tasteful… wink wink)!

Hedonistic Fantasies

27 Jan

The work of Viennese duo of Daryoush Asgar and Elisabeth Gabriel reflect the essence of youth in a raging hedonistic fantasy with neon colours, giant squid, sex & parties.

I’d like to think they would represent my life if I only included the good / fun / naughty bits… (sadly they don’t)








Cultural Cocker

30 Apr

I spent this morning (see picture below) with Jarvis Cocker (best comment: Shoreditch is full of people with very strange haircuts) who is leading a new campaign offering consumers discounts on cultural activities called Culture Direct (promotional activity from Eurostar who invited me along). Whilst I have not yet decided what I think of this (I get the chance to test it out on a trip to Paris), anything which encourages people to explore cultural experiences can only be a good thing, it seems a good fit and not branded for fun.

Bringing up my concerns that people are not bothering to get ‘physically’ culturally involved as they can read about it online,  Jarvis and I concluded (never thought I would write that) that in 300 years people will just be brains.  He also thinks Paris is like a really good looking woman you admire but could never go out with (oh I am sure women turn him down all the time) and thinks trains should have pillows so you can sleep (cue much pretend sleeping). I fell in love at pillows on trains. I’ll also let it go his snack of choice was peeled cored raw apple in a small bowl (very Mariah Carey).

I’m about one week away from 2 millions views – at which point I am thinking of killing Miss Cakehead and this blog – so this conversation could not have come at a better time. I am still thinking about the blog…

As for Culture Connect if you think this may rock your boat then here is a paragraph from the press release,  “sucking the corporate cock”  as Pure Evil once said (to MY client’s face):

From today  consumers travelling with Eurostar will be entitled to two-for-one entry to all paying exhibitions at the inbound destination with partner museums include The National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, le Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris, and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

Interview sandwich

3 Feb

My day at work yesterday consisted of filming and editing a fairly strange interview sandwich – the results of which are this:

Robery Yager on Gang Culture

21 Jan

Robert Yager, shot a genuinely shocking series of images featuring LA’s Latino gang culture from the 90s – you can see more over at Life Lounge. Strong stuff – more over at Life Lounge.


8 Jan

“Going Through The Motions Kills Emotions” according to the blog header of this website (well a bit of the header, I know the rest)…

LDN have made a great new site highlighting the best of London on the web, one I will most certainly be visiting daily. Really good design and easy to read content – almost like a boutique London version of Notcot.

Great one to follow on twitter too – @LDN


6 Jan

Peat Wollaeger AKA stenSOUL.com is a Stencil Artist internationally know for his Signature EYEZ. He is also more than up for the Mad Artists Tea Party, and you can see his draft design live on the site here. Looking at that, and these images from some of his recent works, I can’t NOT wait to see them in edible form… …additional eye cupcakes are clearly an absolute must.

A Bronze Playground

6 Jan

An amazing bronze playground from Tim Otterness. This was a private commission. I am turning green with envy.



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