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Chocolate Suicide Bomber (video)

27 Aug


“On The Road To Heaven The Highway To Hell “

Remnants of 18 old suicide bomber cast in chocolate by Stephen j Shanabrook (2008)

Heroin Shroud

7 Aug

They say anything can look beautiful but I am still left massively uncomfortable by this series from Stephen J Shanabrook – does that mean these pieces have served their purpose, I think it does. Strangely I don’t mind his series of morgue chocolates, or even the chocolate suicide bomber, in fact I LOVE them want to sell them at the Edible Autopsy. Worryingly I think that said a lot about me but you can’t deny there is something that draws you to this series of images until you find out what they are!!!

Solid Chocolate Human Skull – AMAZING

16 Jun

So I collected the long awaited solid chocolate human skull from the post office today and I have to say it is one of the most amazing edible structures I have ever seen (or am ever likely to see). A big claim but I stand by it as remember this is 100% solid edible delicious chocolate cast from a real human skull (you can see the detail in some of the c/u images which is staggering). It’s also made me so excited about the edible autopsy I am almost scared (massively glossing over the fact that writing up the latest version of the document made me physically gag). The solid chocolate human skeleton is going to blow everyone’s minds & having now got a skull I know that Marina Malvada of Chocolate Skulls is absolutely going to deliver the goods (not that I ever doubted it). Maybe I have become ‘desensitised’ but the fact you can see ever single detail of this persons skull (& even teeth) blows me away…

Chocolate Weapons

8 May

Anyone for a real sized solid chocolate handgun – oh go on then! See more at Chocolate Weapons.

Lagerfield Ice Cream

30 Apr

After directing a series of TV commercials for the brand, Karl Lagerfield has partnered with Magnum ice cream to create a life-sized Paris hotel room made entirely of Belgian chocolate, including a near-naked Baptiste Giabiconi reclining on a chocolate bed, with a hard on (oh purlease).

This is so shit it’s set me off on another wasted budget rant – I mean look look at the figure it’s embarrassingly bad. From Holly Andrew’s vagina cake, and my planning for the edible autopsy, I know how life like cake / food art can be so in my eyes there are no excuses for this piss poor attempt… The ‘body’ for the edible autopsy is going to be 10 times as life like as this and we’re cutting that up and eating it. I also bet this creation is not 100 % edible either.

Whatever agency is behind this for Magnum should hand their heads in shame for going the lazy route of thinking they can throw their money at a celebrity name and rely on that, rather than originality, to generate bland brand awareness. For this concept I personally think a life size version of the man should have been made as an ice cream (including stick) and it should have looked realistic. Oh and the chocolate room has already been done. Pathetic. And before everyone goes “it works as you are writing about it” – I am only writing about how shit it is which is a winner when this is the desired effect. BUT I doubt the endless bullshit PR meetings (inevitably with pastries and orange juice) never discussed this was the route to go.  It’s a waste of a good concept, Lagerfield & not forgetting a rather large advertising budget. I do fear I am getting far too ranty in my old age, but to me the execution of a project is just as important as the coverage it gains as I take pride in everything I do.

(via Hint Mag)

Chocolate Nails

24 Feb

The chocolate nails from Stéphane Bureaux culinary are amazing and totally revolutionize the presentation of desserts… Best of all it’s funny and shows a sense of humor which is rarer than you think in cake design!




Cherry Chocolate Mice

23 Feb

I HAVE to make some of these cherry chocolate mice as a) they are seriously cute & b) within the limits of my cookery skill set! Find out how to make your own here.

Chocolate cast from human skulls

4 Feb

I have been lucky enough to be speaking to the amazing Marina Malvada, who I hope will be working with me on the Edible Autopsy, making us an entire 100% anatomically correct chocolate skeleton. Her work blows me away and it is indeed hard to believe that of of the below are 100% chocolate which has been cast from a real human skull. I LOVE THESE – they are both delicious and macabre so right up my street. At some point in 2011 I HAVE to find a way to have one of these beauties in my life…

Claudia Ficca who took the photos and you can visit the chocolate skull blog here.

Chocolate Suicide Bomber

8 Jan

This is really dark, even for me. Stephen J Shanabrook is a New York and Moscow-based artist who uses food both as medium and metaphor, including “morgue chocolates” made from molds from the fatal wounds of anonymous people. Of course the Eat Your Heart Out team LOVE his work!

Blame Eat Me Daily, via Notcot.










4 Jan

Deadlicious indeed – one of the coolest food shops ever and devastatingly only in Paris :-( Bloody amazing work and something really different for a change. See example of their chocolates and music inspired pie menu below. Even if you don’t speak French their website is worth a visit for great design and music. Seriously do it!


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