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Chocolate Wonderland

4 Jan

ARGH we were close to doing this last year but the potential sponsor said it would not get enough coverage for them – it’s gone global so that’s not annoying at all.

A new theme park made entirely of chocolate has just opened in China’s Shanghai on Friday.

According to Reuters, everything on display was made from chocolate, including a replica of ancient China’s famous Terracotta Warriors and the traditional Chinese symbol of the dragon.

Organisers say that the choice of delectable items on display was made based on an effort to unite the East and the West.

Shanghai’s World Chocolate Wonderland welcomed visitors through its doors on Friday (December 16), into a theme park of lifelike chocolate exhibits. Read more of this story (which of course wont get any coverage – sorry it’s bugging me!) over at Sky News, and see a gallery over at The Telegraph.


Macabre china lighting

8 Nov Goliath

This china light fitting from Alex Garnett is beautiful – and I have to say at £150 pretty reasonable too. I am so getting one (to treat myself as having terrible time at the moment): via Notcot

Beijing Punk

1 Sep

I have GOT to see this film from Shaun Jefford – especially now it’s banned in China (I want to get something banned in China). Features great music from bands including Misandao, Demerit, Hedgehog, The Gar, PK14, Candy Monster and Joyside (via Nerdcore).

When the Olympics came to China the world spotlight turned to a country synonymous with human rights abuse and by any measure a totalitarian police state. But under the surface is a growing movement of punks and misfits, the irony of which is not lost on the filmmakers as they roam this rebellious sub culture a scratch under the surface of bustling Beijing.

“In comic, feature doc “Beijing Punk” a film crew follows underground punks through Communist China in the year of the Olympics. Already stricken from internet searches in China, Beijing Punk is likely to make the list of official banned films by the time of it’s release”

Dogs painted as animals

8 Jun

Amazing trend from China were people paint their dogs to look like animals – the tiger is hilarious. Via the Telegraph.

Tits ‘n’ Arse

23 Nov

Tits ‘n’ Arse or Cock ‘n’ balls cup and sacuer (or should that be saucy) make THE perfect politically incorrect Christmas present – from Outlandish Creations.


I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the limited edition tea cups and saucers for sale – they is something brilliant about slut being written in gold on a delicate looking strawberry adorned teacup.









Eating Fish alive

21 Nov


This is DISGUSTING, and I am posting to help whip up the internet storm to stop this practice being allowed. The outrage has already got a fair old head of steam on it but it all helps…

A new food craze in China shows a carp’s body cooked, whilst but its head is wrapped in a wet cloth to keep it breathing before being served alive to diners. The video is pretty hardcore so don’t watch it if in any doubt – I’ll be honest in saying the details were enough for me and I know I won’t be able to stomach it. Show how repulsed you are by this over at PETA.

Strange Hotel

20 Jul

Found in China, the Tinzai Hotel is just mental. For example the peach being held in these images is actually a suite within the hotel, the two holes in its front being windows (source). Check this bad boy out below!!!





Jef Aerosol Hits China

17 May

Surely it does not get any better than street at on the Great Wall of China?











Rock & Roll China

12 Jan

Simply brilliant…













Via I Love Bad Things

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