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2011′s top video posts

22 Dec

Round up of the most viewed video posts on my blog over the past 12 months – enjoy this total time wasting post!!!


Disaster Commercial


9/11 FLip Book


Salvador Dali – What’s My Line


No video post in this month but I do love a good bit of science baking in this case Whoopie Pie Planets


We built this city on Rock & Roll


Get happy with House


Rupert Murdoch V Pie Face


Vegan Black Metal Chef


Glittering Bottom Slapping (borderline SFW)


The Freaks / Tiger Lillies


Windows 95 with Greta (SFW and ridiculously but brilliantly sexist)


Dog Disco

No Cake

20 Aug

OK I have been told all of the “cake stuff’ (such as Cake Britain – that’s me above after a pretty hefty cake fight with George Morton Clark) is starting to turn off my regular readers so this is the plan batman…

I am going to shift cake related posts to the Cakehead Loves site and concentrate on the creative, rude, quirky on here. OK? It seems to make sense as the Cakehead Loves sites brings all the different cake projects into one place. I am going to link both to my Twitter stream so hopefully won’t loose too much traffic! I’ll post the really cool stuff on here too of course. Right let’s crack on…

2010 highlights

22 Dec

At times it’s really hard to explain what I do for a job as creative director of Idea Generation; and also the randomness I get to do with my own projects. I am not sure if this 2010 highlights film will help much for clarification but you will get to listen to a classic top disco tune – it’s just a summary of some of my favorite projects from 2010.

The Mad Artists Tea Party – NEWS RELEASE

17 Jul

All of the art created will exist only temporarily & only in edible form in the medium of cake

OH MY GOD it all seems so real now as it is – Tate & Lyle are kindly supporting the project and it’s go go go. Amazing creative talents already involved with works of art & cake being planned which will blow your minds (clearly I did not write the release but want to post it unedited hence twattish referring to myself in third person).



Miss Cakehead, of Cakehead Loves Evil, has teamed up with Tate & Lyle for the first ever Mad Artists Tea Party with Lily Vanilli as Curator of Cake. An original concept from Miss Cakehead, it will pair the World’s most creative cake makers with artists and creatives who want to ‘create with cake’ to produce one-off edible artworks for auction.

All of the art created for the tea parties will exist only temporarily, and only in edible form in the medium of cake. Artists confirmed include David A Smith, Stuart Semple, George Morton Clarke, Pete Fowler, Felt Mistress, stenSOUL, The Futureheads, FAUST and Alexander Turvey with cake-ists including the astonishingly talented food artist Prudence Staite, Bea’s of Bloomsbury, Michelle Wibowo, Crumbs & Doilies, Lily Vanilli & ‘Jellymongers’ Bompas & Parr.

Leading up to the event Miss Cakehead will be touring ‘Cake Britain’ with her edible cupcake tree – an art installation and creative consumer experience that will allow children to literally ‘pick’ their own cupcakes off the tree in a bizarre twist on traditional pick your own farms. The inspiration of the tree coming from The Faraway Tree series of books by Enid Blyton, a concept followed through as the cupcake tree will never ‘grow’ the same cakes twice.

Cake fans be afraid – The next Mad Artist Tea Party event has already been planned. Eat Your Heart Out will be the world’s first 18+ cake shop containing VERY horrifying & VERY extreme Halloween edibles.

Notes for editors:

  • The event is being held at The Future Gallery in London the 27th – 29th August, following a ‘private eat’ on the Thursday 26th August where key ‘works of cake’ will be auctioned off for charity.
  • During the course of the exhibition a series of unique ‘cakey’ events will take place; from ultimate ‘rock cake classes’ (baking ACDC style) to a sing-a-long Busgy Malone screening complete with splurge guns. More information on booking for these events to be released soon.
  • All profits from the event will go to charity, including We Make Peace which campaigns for Peace Education in Schools.
  • If you would like to find out more please contact: emmylou.cakehead@gmail.com

Cakehead Loves Evil – Print

29 May

I have just made a few prints which simply list the top posts out of the 2738 (!!!) on this blog. Predictably it makes no sense whatsoever out of context. I think this makes it work, although others will most certainly violently disagree.

Anyway, I wanted  to send something offline (GASP / FEELS FAINT / CLUTCHES CHEST)  to everyone  has been so amazing in helping me drag this blog to 2 million views in just over a year. I very obviously could not have done it without you all so THANK YOU.

If you fancy a slice of my blog in poster form let me know!

Light & love, Miss C xx

Star Wars Life Drawing

3 May

It’s Star Wars day tomorrow (May 4th) so what better time to release the full details for the Star Wars life drawing classes. I have wanted to do this for ages so seized the day and just went for it!

The idea was born when Chance Collective co-founder Miss Cakehead (for the record I feel like a twat talking about myself in the 3rd person but this is from the press release) approached London Drawing to work together on a concept that will take life drawing on the edge

Being held at The Idea Generation Gallery, London Drawing will be using The Force to as inspiration to create exciting drawings, collages and 3D drawings as performers and dancers battle against the Dark Side. Imagine lazers, Darth Vader sound effects and naked performers as drawing from the human figure is propelled into the 21st Century at the speed of light in a spectacular fusion of theatre and drawing.

The workshop will  be using a combination of performers, sound, lighting, props, visual effects, drawing techniques and exciting materials to create an unforgettable visual drawing experience.

Oh and you can also forget about polite unforgiving canapes – Jellymongers Bompas & Parr will be out to play in full battle droid mode.

Want to play?

2nd June 2010, Idea Generation Gallery

Places are VERY limited: please contact info@londondrawing.com to register your interest.

Happy Easter

31 Mar

One today! :-)

14 Jan

So Cakehead Loves Evil is one today, 1786 posts, 1511 comments and 1,641,000 views (ish)! Any suggestions for suitable celebrations send ‘em over…

Not entirely sure what to buy my own blog as a present but I think it might like some new shoes, and a day off or two as I plan ‘Season 2′ and figure out how to make it even better – thank you all for reading, commenting, linking… yadda, yadda, yadda… …clearly you all ROCK!


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