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The ‘brilliance’ of a flamingo on Ritalin

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The Brilliant Design Lecture celebrates the magic of creativity – I somehow agreed to take part in this (anything for Claire Graves) so am now flapping about “like a flamingo on Ritalin” wondering what to talk about. I am sure I will get there though as the sight of the Jellymonger’s bow ties is always calming and they are also speaking… This is the crack (which I must have been on when I said yes as feel massively out of my depth but am sure it will be be ‘alright on the night’):

The Brilliant Design Lecture is not about showreels, it’s an inside look into the process of how excellent things are made. Speakers from a range of creative disciplines share stories, insights and practical tips. The format is simple, fun and fast paced with compere Johanna Agerman Ross – Deputy Editor of Icon magazine, Writer and Lecturer:

ROUND 1: I Made This (at this moment in time I will be speaking about the Chaos cookie installation)
Our speakers introduce themselves through their work, telling us about one of their favourite projects and what they learnt along the way.

ROUND 2: This Inspired Me (Piers Aktinson’s ‘Sex on the Brain’ collection)
In the second round the speakers tell us about a project that made them smile. The inspiration they drew and how they applied it to their work.

ROUND 3: New to Me (fuck knows)
To wrap up the speakers tell us about a project that stretched them. The skills they learnt and why trying something different is important.

Speaking at the event are (ahem) me and:
Troika – London art and design practice
Tim Hunkin - Engineer and Cartoonist
The Jellymongers – (I LOVE the fact they made it onto the DVD of Harry Hill’s TV Burp with their jelly interview)

I also must remember not to drink before talking… …or maybe I should.


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