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Guilt of a Tracey Emin cat bowl

22 Jun

OK in a bid to off set the guilt that my boys (Fish & Darth) now have a Tracey Emin cat bowl (well it says “I love him, I love him” so is perfect) I thought I should rustle up a post on the artistsĀ concept store at Selfridges. It’s from the 21-31 July and “mummy” is also pretty taken with the teapot too ;-)



Her concept store and exhibition features a selection of her controversial art, her favourite books and her own literary work as will as an edit of her favourite things from around Selfridges – all coming together in her own shop. She’ll also be selling a selection of limited edition prints which have been carefully selected by Tracey for Selfridges including one exclusive print that will only be available here at Selfridges.

You can visit Tracey’s shop, Walking Around My World at the Concept Store Selfridges London until 31st July.


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