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Wode Paint – Revolutionary art fragrance

24 Oct

I want to try this sooooooooo much…


Wode Paint is a “Revolutionary Art Fragrance” that creates a cobalt blue mist before disappearing leaving a sensual scent. It is well worth clicking through for their website film alone.


When Wode is sprayed, a vibrant blue cobalt mist appears and settles on the skin or clothing. The paint fades and disappears within seconds leaving a sensual scent behind. Inspired by the legend that Queen Boudicca wore cobalt blue war paint to create a ferocious and mythical look in battle, Wode is a revolutionary Art Fragrance.

Acknowledging that graffiti is the modern war paint and the most public of all art forms, Wode is packaged in a classic spray paint can. Wrapped around the can is an engraved steel label tied with black braided ribbon that’s tipped in metal; further displaying the Boudicca team’s dedication to detail.



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