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Going Batty

25 Apr

Sod tractors surely these bats are the perfect wall dressing for a child’s bedroom. Granted it may scare the life out of them (I only have cats and no children yet so don’t know these things), so may well be more suited for a teenager or adult room. Either way they are a zillion times better than most of the wall stickers out there. Get your mitts on them at the Neato Shop here. 

Bat Cave Cinema

17 Mar

How incredible is this cave cinema – a private commission in someone’s house!!! WANT WANT WANT.

Ugly Bat Boy

11 Jul


8 year old “Ugly Bat Boy” (know as Ugg) has been described, fairly, as the World’s ugliest cat.  His chest is covered in a tangle of hair, but the rest of his skin is bald and rubbery, probably due to a genetic fault.


Ugly spends his time keeping warm by sitting on a computer at Exeter Veterinary Hospital, Dr Barrett says “He does look odd but he’s a lovely-natured cat. There is definitely a sphinx in there somewhere, but fuck knows what else.”

Ugly Bat is not being invited onto various US chat shows. See him on CNN in this video.





Tom Banwell Leather

18 Jan

These leather masks are nothing short of superb – and miles away from the land of Eyes Wide Shut… I am in LUST with the unicorn one.

Buy yours from Etsy user Tom Banwell Leather. Tom I salute you.








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