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Breathable Puddings!

2 Mar

The ultimate in light desserts?

Chicago based chef Grant Achatz of the Alinea Restaurant specialises in molecular gastronomy and has developed a pretty awesome new taste experience… A balloon filled with helium sugar sprinkled with dried Granny Smith apple. A desert you to have to breathe in might be appeal to some, and it appeals to me from a creative point of view, but I am not sure it will ever come close to Gu Chocolate Pot on a spoon.

See a video of the making here.

Stencils on a balloon

23 Aug

One of my amazing ‘mad artists’ has come up with something REALLY cool which he has being doing in the US over the past few weeks…

Check out Peat’s (stenSOUL) stencils on a balloon video below. I am sure he will send me some images soon then I can update this post. Great work:

Balloon heads

20 Jul

This ‘BABY’ series  from Paul Graves is collection of balloons wearing wigs – the freaky thing is you can still totally tell who these portraits are of, and that’s a lot to ask of a balloon (via Trendhunter).

AIDS Graffiti Animation

30 Jan

TBWA has just completed a stop-motion animation for the French Association of Fight Against AIDS. It is possible the most random, yet great, yet pornographic public service style advert I have ever seen. There is NO way this would have been allowed in the UK – I may have to move to France. Warning has some extreme content that may not be considered SFW (!!!).

On a similar vein (but I can imagine this would get past official channels in the UK) you are not going to miss this 120 foot flying condom with the French government are using to fight the spread of AIDS. It went on display Jan. 26 at the Palais de la Decouverte, as part of a campaign created by the French association CondomFly (I don’t speak French so can’t shed much more light on the matter).

(animation via The Trendy Girl)

Yang Maoyuan – inflated taxidermy

11 Jan

Anyone for a quick game of spot the difference?..

via crappy taxidermy

Beautiful balloons

22 Nov

Loving these helium filled balloons from Paris based designer Clementine Henrion – just looking at them makes me feel a happy girl!

via The Trendy Girl




Balloon Boy costume

27 Oct


I am going as a “Zombie Orville the Duck” (am still looking for my Keith if anyone is interested) to all the parties on Saturday but if I wasn’t then I heart this balloon boy costume!  The other astonishing fact I have discovered is that is possible to create an entire Orville the Duck costume from American Apparell.

Jason Hackenwerth

1 Oct


There is now clowning around (sorry) but it comes to the balloon art from Jason Hackenwerth. He creates simply incredible structures that look like the love child of an alien and a sex toy. I don’t have a really dirty mind just visually that is what they look like… …erm apparently. All the rubber and risk of popping would freak me out though.











Giant balloon heads

27 Aug


Joel Trussell combines giant balloon heads and roller disco to brilliant effect in his new promo for Love Long Distance by The Gossip. It’s brilliant and very on trend with the roller skating action.

(via creative review)


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