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Heidi Klum – Halloween 2011

31 Oct

Have to say I prefer this version from Joanna Peacock

Casualty Simulation – not for the feint hearted

12 Jul

So this is what was making me feel sick last night!…

I have been looking around to try and locate the best ‘look book’ images for the Edible Autopsy and Casualty Simulation has just answered all my prayers with their various autopsy bodies / dolls, one of which is shown above. For a myriad of reasons I did not want to use real autopsy images as our design guide and this is the PERFECT solution. Not that I am going to look like a freak with one of these in the house or anything!

Casualty Simulation was started by prop-maker BJ Winslow and wife Eileen Winslow. BJ Winslow has over ten years experience in professional prop design, including 6 years of experience as a Hollywood prop maker specializing in realistic bodies and body parts for such crime dramas as Law & Order, CSI, NCIS, and Bones.

More recently, our expertly crafted props have attracted the attention of readiness training personnel the world over. We are CCR certified and have worked as both a Government contractor and a subcontractor. We have created casualty simulation material, cultural simulation material, and forensic education material for the US Army, US Marines, US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Terrorism Task Force, as well as various police departments, fire departments, intelligence agencies, coroners, museums, and forensic training schools in the US, UK, and Canada.

The work of this company is just so stunning / disturbing I felt I had to include some more images for their work in addition to the autopsy references. Warning they are fairly disturbing so don’t click through if you can’t deal with gore;

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Bloody Black Milk Leggings

6 Jul


It is no secret that I LOVE Black Milk leggings and suffice to say I love these blood splattered leggings a LOT. I came across them researching for the Edible Autopsy photo shoot but I think these bad boys will stay in my wardrobe for a while! I am also thinking they would look good on the autopsy medical team aka waitresses (teamed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes of course). Click through at your own risk (to bank balance) as there are always at least 10 items I feel that I ‘must have’ from the Black Milk Clothing site every time I visit. I also should say that despite living in the UK – and Black Milk being based in Australia – the service is both awesome and speedy. Can’t recommend them enough.



Our Edible Autopsy

8 Jan

One of EYHO’s 2011 plans – inspired to some extent by Barbara Jo’s amazing anatomical thorax cake!



The team behind Eat Your Heart Out is on a mission to raise money for charity, whilst at the same time providing a unique edible and entertaining experience through the creation of the World’s most *anatomically correct cake (*inside & out). Without wishing to reference the ‘Human Centipede’ this cake truly will be 100% medically correct, and we’ll consult medical experts every step of the way to ensure so. Clearly there is only one fit end for this unique cake, which will be constructed by an international team of the World’s best cake & food creatives…

…a public cake autopsy conducted by a trained pathologist. The autopsy will educate people about the human anatomy whilst, once cut out, the cake will be handed around the audience for them to eat as the process continues. As with any autopsy, there will be blood, guts and gore – but in this instance it will taste delicious. For those who can stomach the experience this event promises to be the most unique eating experience they’ll ever experience.

For more information on this project please contact:

Miss Cakehead





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