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Lily Vanilli gets dirty (with Ash)

27 Jul

Amazing new video from Ash which features Lily Vanilli, Curator of Cake for The Mad Artists Tea Party (and maker of all things wondrous) getting down and dirty with cake. Best of all the director of this video, Alex Turvey, will be working with Lily again for the MATP! Not fair I want to feed a lot of musicians a lot of cake!


15 Apr

Ooooo more great pictures here:

So a volcano with a name impossible to both spell and say (Eyjafjallajokull) explodes in Iceland and the whole world goes mental… Smoke went flying from the volcano that affected the air passage across Northern Europe. Which means hundreds of flights have to be stopped in Ireland, Britain and Nordic nations. The Heathrow, Stansted, Oslo Gardemoen and Gatwick Airports have been closed for all flights. The total lack of air traffic over the UK is morbidly fascinating, and can be seen here.

There is also an AMAZING Flickr stream dedicated to this:


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