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Natsuki Otani’s Dreamy Illustration

12 Apr 98659_2302752_l

Enchanted by the dreamy illustration work of Natsuki Otani


Gory Shark-Eats-Man Toy

30 Mar jawsdetail1-290x290

Could not have put this better myself – thanks Vinyl Abuse.

“High & Dry” isn’t just the name of a Radiohead song, but it is the name of this awesome custom Coarse Jaws Loser figure, by Task One for a KR Boardie.  Love the attention to detail, especially on the back tattoo, and the conversion from figure to sculpture is outstanding”





Pantone Tarts

19 Mar

I have wanted to do a Pantone related food event / cake shop for years so sulking slightly that artist  has already done it, and done it so brilliantly for Fricote Magazine (via The Trendy Girl).








Monkey Man

24 Feb

TERRIFYING – Emmanuel Perez-Duarte masterfully morphs together his own face and that of a monkey’s for this shot he’s titled “The Origins of Evolution (read more).


21 Feb

These ‘corkers’ are such a good idea and certainly beat trying to make origami out of After Eight mint wrappers. Designed by the designers Reddish Studio and Oded Friedland, the “Corkers” kits are available in six animals: monkey, rabbit, deer, raven,  buffalo and bear (via The Trendy Girl).

Xoil – Needles Side Tattoo

12 Feb

The work of Xoil Needles Side Tattoo is absolutely bloody incredible – ‘like’ him on Facebook here. Massively inspiring art even if you are not into tattooing as such.

Sooty Portraits

7 Feb


All of these portraits from Steven Spazuk have been created with soot from a candle… (via someone i follow on Twitter but forgotten who – if it’s you let me know and I will update).

Artistic Sandwiches

21 Jan

How cool are these artist inspired sandwiches found over at The Trendy Girl? They are from the blog Low Commitment Projects which is all about making things happen with minimum time & effort, a blog I can’t wait to revisit soon.

Anatomical Paper Torso

15 Jan

Ooooooo this is a bit clever…. It’s from artist Horst Klechle who created this incredible paper torso with removable organs for the Science Lab of the International School Nadi, Fiji. The sculpture is composed entirely from 200gsm white card and you can see more on Flickr here (via notcot).

Wimpy Braille Burger

13 Jan

(via Notcot)


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