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Alien Facehugger Plush

8 Oct

Oh how I love this Alien Facehugger Plush via my friends at Nerdcore.


Alien cat

4 Oct

Hmmmm I think my friends may have a point when they Fish looks a bit like an alien – or f**k ugly is another way it has been phrased. He is going to look insane when I start getting him involved in some lomography action with the Diana F+.


A tattoo for Bestival?..

8 Sep

If you can’t be arsed to dress up for Bestival (why not?) then any of these space tattoos would surely gain you full marks for dedication (yes that alien tattoo freaks me out too);












Alien Editorial

18 May





Alien editorial from photographer Ruven Afandor

Berlin’s Space Station Cult

14 May

C-base is prepared for the day, when aliens from different galaxies want to reconquer the world. All visitors’ data is collected.




AWESOME. An underground cult living in a Berlin based space station.

After their great illegal tourist destination post, Vice continues to nail the ‘Rough Guide on weapons grade narcotics’ theme.

This is a bit of what they had to say…

In Berlin’s underground there are ruins of a 4.5-million-year-old space station that uses the local TV tower as a transmitter. This space station is called C-base because it is shaped like a C; about 300 people live in the different areas, which are divided into seven rotatable rings, each with some strange kind of meaning. Right after we entered the space station one of the young astronauts asked us to test a game he just programmed. So we ended up in a color fight on a huge touch screen. The kid spent the rest of the night sitting on his computer to optimize the game. Those C-base-members fulfill every nerd cliché you can imagine: They are wearing kilts the traditional way and are actually pretty nice.










Random Latex Alien (2)

30 Apr

alien_egg_anim_lgA London-based company – d.vote - has created an inflatable bondage ball shaped like the terrifying eggs from Alien. For £950.00, the Alien Egg promises to deliver “the ultimate sensory deprivation experience.” One of it’s selling point being that “no one can hear you scream”. Great!

This is the real, unedited, untouched sales blurb from their site;

The Alien Egg is made from two ’skins’ of rubber. The outer layer is made of thick 0.8 mm rubber whilst the inner layer is made of medium 0.5 mm rubber. Each skin can be made in different colour to give the Egg the maximum visual effect. It has a British Respiratory Gas Mask inside which has a double length corrugated tube going to the outside for breathing

You enter the Alien Egg and put on the respiratory mask which connects to the exterior through a tube. The four full length zips quickly close the Alien Egg holding your entire body inside its rubber walls. When inflated, the Alien Egg restricts all movements from within and isolate you perfectly inside its shell.

Via Coil House

Alien Latex Fetish

21 Apr


This alien creature is fact someone modeling one of the newest products from fetish store Blackstyle. This is not exactly my expert area so I am unsure if they get their rocks off on the alien or latex element of this …

Randomly the site also seems to be a top source of Hunter wellington boots. This alien puzzles me, and to think I thought this face mask to catch urine as someone weed on you was messed up (via i love bad things)?



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