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Edible Album Covers

19 May

Album covers reinterpreted as bento boxes – AMAZING

David Shrigley x The Futureheads = Chaos

28 Nov

It makes me happy that FH10 REALLY has happened (I also get to say I told you so a lot) – it’s impossible to think of another band who deserve it more; and an absolute certainly there is no other band in the world I would have worked my arse off over the autumn for (not literally sadly as it’s currently the size of a baby hippo – my arse not autumn clearly). Anyway here we go some more pictures of The Futureheads V David Shrigley charity print (supporting St Oswald’s) taken during the signing in his studio. 100 editions only, £50 each, signed and numbered by the artist (as demonstrated with this A/P) - get your paws on this beast, and the other three, here:





Album Tacos

2 Nov tumblr_laxgn2Hkxh1qdw2u5o1_400

The simple fact is that some people smoke too much weed, or indulge in too many weapons grades narcotics. Either way Album Tacos is just strange (even for the internet). Oh and for the record I don’t like tacos making the below 100% inaccurate.

Steve and Aaron from The Hood Internet love music and tacos, and so do you.

Dirtiest album covers of all time

24 Jul

A mighty fine top ten of the dirtiest album found over at the Class of 1984′s blog:

Deftones – the cupcakes ?!

5 Jul

As amazing as these cupcakes are (made by Crumbs & Doilies), when it comes to cupcakes themed around music you have seen nothing yet – trust me on that ;-)

Storm in Private Eye

15 Apr

Another reason why I love my job :-) See i did say

Working with Pink Floyd

2 Apr

A sneak preview of some footage shot for the documentary the Chance Collective are currently making about iconic album artist Storm Thorgerson.

Sneak preview – Storm

31 Mar

Here is a sneaky preview of the Storm installation for the show which opens tomorrow – it looks absolutely fucking amazing and so many iconic images and objects from those images in one place.

Storm Thorgerson – Right but Wrong

27 Mar

Back home whoop whoop (but still feel awful). One of the reasons I was in a right shitter about being so ill for the past few days is that I was meant to be interviewing Storm Thorgerson yesterday, for his new show which starts at the Idea Generation Gallery next week. From Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath to Megadeath, Muse to the Mars Volta he unquestionably is of one of the greatest and most iconic album artists of all time. Luckily someone else stepped in to do the interview but it is still v annoying…

You WILL know his work even if you think you don’t…

Blackberry tears

7 Mar

Check out this cover of Thomas White’s album The Maximalist – which is being released in a few weeks – it is just AWESOME.


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