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Bat Cave Cinema

17 Mar

How incredible is this cave cinema – a private commission in someone’s house!!! WANT WANT WANT.

Mirror Book Air

29 Nov

So cute & OMG they even replicated the packaging – found on Notcot.






Earonic iPhone cases

22 Sep

Earonic Iphone Cases designed by Daniela Gilsanz for CollabCube is a collection of iPhone cases with photographic images of ears. Embrace your inner Nathan Barley and buy yours here.

Umbilical cord iPhone charger

6 Oct

Ooooo this is horrible and that’s from me…

As Lost At E Minor put it “Straight out of a some twisted long forgotten David Cronenburg movie from the 80s“. Made for those who are extremely attached to their IPhone it’s an Umbilical cord IPhone charger from artist Mio I-zawa. People ask me how I think of such strange things and I have to say I never understood what they mean. Now I do!?

See below for more of his anatomical style installation pieces (shudder):

Laser Harp – Fuck Yeah Friday

17 Sep

Found this amazing video over on the blog of Mr Technology whose Bill Gates rating system always amuses me:

So last week some students tried to do a Scotty and beam some particles across the room, with devastatingly lame results. Boring – get back to me when you can beam me from my bedroom to the Comic Con and then back home again in time for Iron Chef. But until then, I suppose we’ll just have to use lasers the way God intended: as a musical harp.


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