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‘Coked up book’

17 Nov

I think this was meant to be a message about not updating your Facebook page off your face – I just love the image (source):


Defiant Dog

5 Oct

DefiantDog is not Kerry Katona refusing to listen to her new agent but a “53 second idea” website created by Ian Broyles that’s about as simple as the average ‘contributor’ on Jeremy Kyle. It involves, a dog, a beach and a “sit” button. Click on sit and nothing happens hence “Defiant Dog”. Nothing has happened  3.2 million sit commands times since it was launched in December 2007 (via Urlesque).

I’m not Too Shy Shy

4 Aug

Kajagoogoo are reforming and going on tour – BRING IT ON


I am presuming  either the band reformed or it would have been kinder to put Limahl down…


This was bad enough

Check out this massively 1980′s video – it’s a long old journey to 1.11, then it is all over so quickly…

Mariachi Covers

2 Aug

This is an awesome tumblr site consisting of Mariachi Band covers – sadly I can’t edit the uber annoying audience out in the Beat It version (*****). That’s the music for my wedding sorted. Awesome, lets rock! (via Urlesque)

Another Brick In The Wall

Sweet Home Alabama

Beat It, Michael Jackson

Zombie, Cranberries

Another One Bites The Dust, Queen


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