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Painting video games

4 Sep

Deviant Art user Orioto does an amazing line of paintings which replicate scenes from video games…



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Rainbow Macbook

26 Mar

I can help myself I have a serious lust for these mac keyboard decals – seeing as mine is constantly coated in a layer of filth I guess it all helps protect it too (via.



Static Wizard

20 Sep

via Nerdcore

Important emoticons chart

9 Aug

via Lost At E Minor

Original Pac Man designs

18 Jul

Found over at the Yo, What’s Kicking blog were some amazing original wireframes for the seminal arcade game – it just makes me want to know so much more….

iPad frog dissection

15 Jul

Bored on the commute? Now you can dissect a frog as often as you want on your iPad. Assuming you have an iPad of course.

This is actually a good thing as it means you can learn about biology without having to actually dissect any frogs. Same way iSnort lets you chop up a line of coke without having to be a twat and take any (via Street Anatomy).

iPad Skeletons

28 Jun

Great find at Street Anatomy:

SwitchEasy just came out with this new ultra tough reinforced protective sleeve for the iPad.  The ribcage actually acts to dissipate shock and protect the large glass screen (apparently). At $34.99 it’s slightly cheaper than a lot of the other iPad cases out there, and a lot more stylish.

Granimator – sound based wallpaper

1 Jun

Granimator iPad app is a freeform iPad & iPhone wallpaper creator – a creative sound based wallpaper creator. A free-form, immersive touch and sound experience that allows you to become the artist. Click through to read more, the art work from Pete Fowler for Granimator shown above (coming soon).


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