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VW Dogs do Star Wars

11 Feb

I love this too much for words – VW Super Bowl advert 2012…

Catty Supermodels

26 Jan

Sometimes cats in clothes is a bit shit / mad cat woman territory yet with these FIERCE amazing cat models Smeagol and Zizzles none of that seems true in this case. Needless to say I LOVE THEM!

Furthermore I am pretty darn sure that it’s the amazing ‘models’ for these clothes which has sent Melanie Manson’s designs VIRAL. A serious work (when we have all finished laughing at the cats) point being that this right here is exactly why I insist on using Nathan Pask for all my projects photography as it is such a crucial part of any creative project. A fact often massively underestimated by PR agencies who just go for one key press shot, or a series of. Have a strong viral image and it can drag the story along with it such as this case (note none of my projects need dragging!). Sometimes this the key image is the same thing for on and offline but not always, with boundaries disappearing between on and offline coverage it’s always important to look at this carefully.

The cat in the purple jumper is beyond brilliant.  He or she totally rocks this shot and, as Tara Banks would say, has totally mastered the art of “smeyesing”. Dearly wish I was working with a brand which could sign these two puddy cats up as models *sulks a little but that I don’t*.

(read more – sorry link is the Daily Mail, don’t judge me)

Carved Pet Skulls

15 Jan

Unique service from EatonNott who also do the most incredible clothes (which I am about to blog next):

We are very proud to be able to offer our customers a very special all inclusive discreet service, respectfully immortalising their beloved animals and pets on passing, either as a mounted skeleton or carved skull.

Spider Silk Shawl

13 Jan

This cape may look beautiful at first sight but it horrifies me. Why? Well it is made out of the golden thread extracted from more than a million spiders and set to go on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. It makes my skin crawl REALLY badly and I am not even scared of spiders. If you are braver than me and want to me read more then go here.

Articulated Dinosaur Lamp

28 Dec

Geologists are the only scientists happy when their work is taken for granted granite.

That 2011 cracker joke aside how amazing is this dinosaur light – WANT! Sadly I think these beasts are rarer than rocking horse poo though…

PS: Yes I do know a scientist who studies dinosaurs is a palaeontologist (I did watch friends) but I don’t have a cracker joke about them ;-)

Awwwccupy Wall Street – today’s MUST see!

16 Dec

This is the best Tumblr ever. Awwccupy Wall Street features the #occupy movements cutest protestors. Mainly dogs but some babies & cats in there too. If you are going to waste your time on one website today it needs to be this one. The fact the cops, sorry police force, frisked a dog dressed as a Hells Angel (seriously) is going to make me smile for weeks to come. The ‘kiss my red setter arse’ and ‘biscuits not bombs’ are amongst my favourites too :-)

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Snake Shoes (Melissa x Animal)

30 Oct

(via The Trendy Girl)

Photorealistic Angry Birds

11 Oct

Photorealistic Angry Birds from Mohamed Raoof - does it get better than this for a Tuesday morning?.. (via Nerdcore)







AT-AT Dog Costume

9 Oct

Via Neatorama


Tattoos & Tentacles

9 Oct

Tattoos & Tentacles is an stunning new book / photographic prints from photographer Julian Murray and marks the end of a great art series – a bargain at $50 (it would also be rude not to mention that of course squid porn is to date the most viewed post on this entire blog).


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