The Last Legs

1 Nov

It’s kind of New Year’s Eve today so I promised myself moving forward I would:

a) write more on my blog

b) not say awesome as much

c) give more of an opinion of & about things


So then it’s probably best if I don’t write too much about The Last Legs Vetinary Clinic, from The Robin Collective, which my friend Alix & I went to on Saturday as I don’t want to upset them. Everyone involved was so nice and super polite which made such a refreshing change. I am also sure lots of people went & really enjoyed it although it was not really thought out enough for me with lots of glaring ‘schoolboy errors’. I’d try more of the their stuff in the future though, and have been lucky enough to experience things such as You Me Bum Bum Train against which I’ll always compare things. Regardless, there was some pretty cool strange things on the wall though which are worth sharing, oh and a man who wore a pumpkin as a costume.


I left feeling how this dog pumpkin looks




I am always a sucker for some strange taxidermy




Miss Piggy, the heroin years





Alix Fox & something furry




Owl Pumpkin




Ball pond with animal 'bits'




Nurse Fox




Pumpkin as a jacket is the way forward!



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